QUIZ – How “hun” are you?

Have you ever wondered how “hun” you REALLY are? Take the quiz and find out!!

How "hun" are you?

Do you watch Love Island

Do you own a Michael Kors watch?

Have you ever driven a Fiat 500?

Do you own an Urban Decay palette?

Do you pretend to hate the Kardashians but secretly love them?

Do you use the sassy girl emoji?

Do you fake tan?

Would you ever been seen dead without shellac on your nails?

Do you own active wear you don't actually wear to the gym?

Have you ever gone to a foreign country with the girls just to get pissed?

Do you own any velour?

Has anyone ever asked you if you are ok, hun?

Your score is


  1. June 23, 2019 / 12:20 pm

    41% lol and I pretty much said no to most of them

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