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I like to think I always have a story here or there that will surprise my readers. Like the time I had to have my toe sewn back on in Greece or the whole changing my mates name for a prank. So I shouldn’t think any of you are surprised to find out that I am quite good at golf. I used to go to a little par 3 course in Dunton and I even got a hole in one once! Put this together with the fact this is a London lifestyle blog and I think this makes me one of the most qualifiedist of qualified people to review Puttshack. There are a few different Puttshacks dotted about London, but I visited the one located in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. This is super easy to get to. You can get the Circle or Hammersmith & City line to Wood Lane or jump on the Central line to White City.

One of the things that was fascinating about Puttshack was that it was upstairs. I don’t know how they fit everything in up there. Not only are there two courses, but there is also a huge dining area. We golfed first and ate second, which is a pretty good strategy because then you feel you’ve really earned it. It wasn’t anywhere near as busy as I thought it would be. After all, it is the six weeks holiday so I was expecting it to be way more childy than it was. Puttshack staff are really organised and the course is quite technologically advanced. You get your own ball and the computer golf robot thing knows it’s you. How clever is THAT?

Puttshack Golf Courses

Puttshack White City

The holes on each course are really inventive. One was bowling, one was a skate ramp and another one was a wheel of fortune thing. We all know by now I don’t drink, but one of the benefits if you do enjoy a bev and a bash of a putter is that they bring drinks over to you while you are playing. Usually, at things like this, I totally big myself up about how good I am and then lose, but I actually came third overall out of about 15 people. I’m not sure which way around is the correct etiquette, but we played our game of golf and then ate, which makes sense because I would have been too full to golf after. Although it is predominantly an indoor golf course, Puttshack do great food as well.

Puttshack Review

Food and drink at Puttshack

Our group actually ordered one of every pizza, personal favourite was the ham and pineapple. They also had amazing fried chicken. I class myself as a bit of a fried chicken pro so that suited me a LOT. The nachos were amazing as well. We ordered a lot to share as we were with a big group from work, but I’m eyeing up trying one of the burgers next time! I’ve done Swingers in the past and thought it was really good, but I do think Puttshack has the edge as it is just that little bit more trendy. Well worth a visit if you are looking for something different to do in London!

* I visited Puttshack as a paying customer, and they are in no way affiliated with this review.

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