Puttshack Lakeside Opening Night

Puttshack Lakeside

One of the best things about having a blog is the events. I’ve been blogging for around 7 years now and it still makes me so happy I can take my Mum to good events. You are probably thinking that I do not stop going on about Puttshack. You would be correct. I visited it with my work team a couple of weeks back and I was so impressed I kept posting about it. So lo and behold when they were opening Puttshack Lakeside they got in touch via Instagram and asked me if I would like to come along to the launch.

Where is Puttshack Lakeside?

Not actually in Lakeside, much to the delight of my Mum, who is claustrophobic (Darren) and cannot  enter Lakeside Shopping Centre. Puttshack Lakeside is on The Quay so you access it from outside the shopping centre, much to the relief of Trace. Like the Puttshack in White City, there are bright lights and touch screens everywhere. One could be mistaken for thinking they had entered some sort of high-tech golf course in Japan. I’m of course a pro at Puttshack now, so when we were greeted by the two ladies that worked there as soon as we walked in the door and they asked us whether we wanted to play first and then mingle or vice versa we decided to play first. With one go of the White City course under my belt I definitely wanted to get to work beating my Mum as soon as possible.

Puttshack Lakeside

There are 9 holes on each course, and every single hole has something a bit fun. There are so many mod-cons to these courses but the one that I absolutely love is the fact that the digital system knows your ball. So even if you mix up who is going next as soon as you put your ball down where you tee off, it knows it is your. The screens select your name as soon as you put the ball down on the teeing off spot. I love little details like this.

Puttshack Lakeside Opening

Once we had played we checked out the actual party. Puttshack Lakeside has a huge bar area and a beautiful outdoor terrace. I think the outdoor terrace was my favourite part of the venue. You could easily be forgiven for thinking that you are at a swanky rooftop bar in the city. Easily one of the best surprises of the night was running into Amy from Love Island. She took the time to chat to my Mum and I, which was really sweet of her. I was also super excited because Maya Jama DJ’d, and she was amazing.

Puttshack Lakeside Celebrity

As you can probably tell from my blog, I really like Puttshack. Hoping to have my birthday at the bank one in February so hit me up if you fancy coming!

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