Project Garden: Update (May)

Project Garden: Update (May)

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As you may know from my recent post about it, we are giving my garden a huge overhaul this year. During the last burst of good weather we had, we actually went full steam ahead on some of the plans that I outlined in my previous post. But then, unfortunately, this run of absolutely horrible weather started and we have been unable to move forward. So what have we got done?

The decking

As you can see in the featured photo, we have finally got the decking done. The only disappointment is that it has rained so much recently we haven’t been able to paint it (we are going for grey). I was planning on buying the Lay-Z-Spa this coming payday and get it up as soon as possible, but the window of time we have to paint the decking and get it dry beforehand. I know I could technically buy it and store it until we set it up, but I am basically a giant, impatient, child and as soon as we get it, I will want to use it. Hot tub in the living room anyone?

The new patio

We’ve started marking out where the “new” patio is going to go and made a start on the edging. Again, because of the rain we haven’t got very far on this. Where we had the patio before was where the decking is now, and we are putting a hot tub on that, so we need to build a new patio area for our tables and chairs. This also has the benefit of less grass to mow. Hop on over to my Instagram account if you want to see what my naught cat Albert did in the square marking.

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