Phoenix Arts Club

Phoenix Arts Club

By now you have probably seen my Youtube video explaining how badly my date went the other day, but the venue was actually really good. The Phoenix Arts Club is tucked away in the heart of London’s theatre district, which makes it a great venue for a little pre-theatre dinner or for a few drinks after the show. The venue itself isn’t huge, but once you get inside you will find that it makes you feel cosy and welcome. Both the restaurant area and the main bar area have entertainment. If you are going for a meal at the Phoenix Arts Club you can sit in front of the stage, and the bar has not one, but two pianos to entertain guests.

The menu at the Phoenix Arts Club

Phoenix Arts Club London

The menu at the Phoenix Arts Club is fairly varied, and made up of good, traditional British foods, some with a bit of a twist. I had Sausage and mash, which sounds pretty basic indeed. The thing is about sausage and mash, is all the restaurant needs to do is choose exceptionally good sausages and put a little bit of mustard in the mash and it powers up the whole dish. Some seriously decent gravy added in and it goes from being a meal that sounds like something you eat as a child ad quickly as possible so that you can have your ice-cream to an actual contender for one of the best meals you’ve ever had. My date had gammon, which is pretty unexceptional. In fact that was probably the most normal thing he did throughout the entire date. I love it when restaurants serve gammon with an egg with a gooey yolk. In fact, I would have snuck some of his while he was in the toilet if I wasn’t concerned there was a fair chance he had been spiking his own dinner with narcotics.

Phoenix Arts Club Covent Garden

The dessert menu had some wonderful choices. One of the things that struck me about the Phoenix Arts Club was the fact they had vegan and vegetarian dishes. Although London is becoming a great place for this, it’s still hard to find vegan alternatives in places as old school and British as here. I can’t have heavy dairy because I recently found out I Hiatal Hernia so anywhere that serves vegan desserts is a “yes” from me. I actually ended up having a vegan chocolate orange torte which was really smooth and buttery despite the fact it obviously didn’t have butter in it.

Places to eat in Covent Garden

The atmosphere at the Phoenix Arts Club

I often find that places in the theatre district have somewhat of a “magical” atmosphere about them, and the Phoenix Arts Club is no exception. As you go in you’ll notice the whole venue has tackled mood lighting in the spectacular way that only a handful of restaurants in the UK really can get right. Of course no one wants it to be too dark to eat their food but also, you want a little mystery. Both the dining room and main bar have got and ambience of friendliness and togetherness without your personal space being invaded. It’s intimate. Cosy. Cavernous, if you fancy. This really is a great place for a date (providing you go with someone normal).

The entertainment at the Phoenix Arts Club

The unique selling point of the Phoenix Arts Club is the entertainment. They have various different things like cabaret, piano players, singers and comedy nights. In the main restaurant area there is a stage at the front which has entertainment, and believe me you can get incredibly close if that tickles your fancy. They also have a “West End Theatreland Sing-Along” which looks so amazing, it will definitely be the next thing I try. The night I visited it was the duelling pianos night and the two pianists played a bit of everything.

Depending on how much you like the theatre and the theatre district, you’ll really like it here or at least enjoy it even if you have no interest in theatre. It’s a very nice venue, the food is good, and it isn’t expensive.

*This article was in no way paid for by the venue, nor are they affiliated with it in any way.

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