Percy And Founders, Fitzrovia

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I’ve seen many people tag themselves in Fitzrovia on Instagram and always wondered where it was. I hadn’t even heard of Percy and Founders if I am being honest. It wasn’t until I started working underneath the BT tower that I was like “oooohhhhhh THIS is Fitzrovia”. It’s a wonderful area to work in and I am in the very privileged position to be able to enjoy a number of work lunches around the area.

Last week, I visited Percy & Founders for a lunch. When you arrive at Percy and Founders you will notice the simple and elegant decor keeps it cosy without being oppressive. I find Dishoom to have a similar setting. Very bright, artificial light, not many windows. While Dishoom can be a bit intimidating because of this (especially if you are sat downstairs), Percy and Founders seem to strike the balance of too little space and too much space by keeping the tables far enough apart so that you actually feel like you have some privacy, even if you are in a large group. There’s nothing worse than eating your meal with someone else’s elbow in your salsa (take note every single Jamie Oliver chain restaurant I have ever visited).

One of the things I enjoy about dining in a big group is the fact that you can order a number of different starters to try without judgement. “oh the baked camembert is for THREE people? let’s share”. We all tried the garlic bread and the camembert and also other people had the squid but I don’t eat it so never tried it. The camembert came with some garlic bread and a delightful chutney that was a little bit too savoury to be a jam but a little bit too sweet to be classed as a classic chutney. Some pickled vegetables completed the dish, which was fabulous, but then again anything dipped in gooey, melted cheese is going to get a thumbs up from me immediately. Percy and Founders certainly guessed correctly how many people have an affinity for cheese.

I ordered the beef burger for my main meal, as I have promised myself that I will eat healthily after my first couple of weeks where the novelty of lunches wears off – so I am obviously really going to go for it until that point. One thing the English are always guilty of is completely over-cooking beef burgers. Go to France, and you will get a delicately cooked piece of beef that has been tended to with as much care as a fillet steak. Go to England and you will get served something that looks as though it has fallen through the BBQ grill. Percy and Founders make a fantastic beef burger that is a cross between the two. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Cleverly garnished with tomato salsa and a pickled gherkin as a kind of slap in the face to all of the fast food places that do the same. “Hey, we make our burgers in the same way as you but they are 1000x better”.

All of the burgers also come with skin on fries which are probably my favourite type of fries in the whole world. I don’t know why everyone is so insistent to skin potatoes – but I am surprised that some sort of underground neo-vegan movement hasn’t popped up that defends the skin of potatoes, because it is EPIC.

If you are around the area and you need somewhere to have a good, wholesome lunch or dinner that isn’t too pricey, I’d certainly suggest eating here.

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