Cooking Baking and General Mess Making

I have a strange relationship with cooking. I am, in effect, a good cook. My speciality is Coq Au Vin, as learnt from Delia Smith, and I suspect the reason she is so good at it is because that’s the only ‘Coq’ she’s getting at her age. I love French food. I love anything to do with France really. In […]

What do you call your Nan?

Seriously? Have I been transported back to the 1800s? Is my ‘2014’ calendar incorrect? Because I’m sure, last time I looked, it was only William and Harry that called their Nan ‘Grandma’. ‘Granny’ the shortened version of Grandma, is for people who think they are posh but actually live in Benfleet. I also know someone who, at the age of […]

Self Tan Situations

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Standing naked in the bathroom after exfoiliating with such force we feel like a recently sanded skirting board. Using a mitt or glove that looks like something from pets at home that you should use on a cat, guinea pig or extremely hairy spouse. After doing all you can, you are left with no […]

First Run of 2014

I went for my first run today. It wasn’t enjoyable. I despise exercise and only do it to try and look good. People who say ‘oh I ran 4k today, it really cleared my head’, absolutely baffle me. I think they are absolutely off their tits. If I want to clear my head I get so mortal that I cant […]

My first night in a pub sober

Last night, I experienced my first night out during a Dryathlon. One tip I would give my fellow Dryathletes, is if you are going to a pub without drinking, go to a good one. The ‘Beehive’ in Basildon, is basically the pub in Basildon where people go if they do not fit into regular society. The DJ, plays Deep House […]

Cakes Cakes Cakes

If, like much of the UK population you have a serious love for cake, please consider this bright young talent for your next investment. Very efficient services, and not only do the cakes LOOK awesome, they taste amazing, and this is coming from someone who doesnt even eat cake! Dont just take my word though, check these pics out.

Things to do in Essex

One of the bonuses of having an ex who was perpetually skint even though he earned £2,000 a month (make your own assumptions) is that I know loads of inexpensive things to do around Essex. People do think of Essex and think of Sugar Slut and TOWIE, but we do have a bit of nature and a few fields with […]

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