Navarro’s London

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Navarro’s Fitzrovia


I always have it in my head that if I forget to take pictures, I can’t write a review. But then I read the Saturday supplement in the Times and I’m reminded that it’s actually just as important to describe the food, the venue and the flavours as it is to get good pictures. As I mentioned in my previous blog post about Bounce in Farringdon I haven’t been well, so taking pictures of my tapas wasn’t a priority. So here you have it. A dish by dish review of Navarro’s London with a picture above that I stole from their Facebook page.

Chorizo Picante Al Conac – Chorizo Cooked in Alcohol

Come on then, who wants to throw in a joke about Spanish sausage? I must admit, I had no idea these were cooked in alcohol. There isn’t any reason I can’t physically have alcohol, but I gave up over a year ago so I’m pretty lucky it didn’t make me physically unwell. Still though, you can’t cook a chorizo in THAT much cognac, right? So we are going to start with the chorizo, the most traditional Spanish sausage you can think of. Now I usually find tapas somewhat hit or miss. Reason being I like good, sturdy, strong, basic and traditional tapas dishes. This chorizo fit the bill. In fact, you can’t even taste the alcohol. The chosen chorizo (yep, some alliteration) at Navarro’s was the perfect size. Not so thick you end up chewing for half the day and not so thin it snaps like a prawn cracker, Navarro’s chorizo is just in the middle. About the 2cm I’d say. They were really juicy too. I’m not actually sure what the dominant spice is in chorizo, but you can tastes it without it performing an overwhelming attack on your tongue. I’d say chorizo from Navarro’s is on spice par with mild chicken in Nando’s. The garlic is a taste-able little addition as well. Overall the chorizo is one of the most COMPLETELY Mediterranean things on the menu.


Pan Con Tomate Y Jambbon – Little Toasts with Tomato & Ham

I love toast, but I rarely have it because I actually can’t butter bread. I’m not even just saying that to be funny, it’s a 100% true. I don’t know why I struggle so much, just tear the bread every time I try. Anyway, luckily Navarro’s know what they are doing with their toast. The tomato and garlic puree that was spread under the Serrano ham was mild but still tasty. The ham was obviously of good quality, with a really rich flavour.


Patatas Bravas – Fried Potatoes in Tomato and Chilli Sauce

Patatas Bravas are a pretty signature tapas dish. In a way, I kind of feel like it would be hard to get them wrong, but they still stood out as one of my favourite dishes from the meal because I absolutely love potato. I’d honestly love to meet the person who looked at a potato and thought “I’m gonna mash that”. The Patatas Bravas were incredibly crispy without being greasy – a great combination. 


Croquetas de Jamon Iberico y Hierbabuena – Ham and Chicken Croquettes

I’m ending my journey deep into the selection of Navarro’s tapas dishes with my favourite one – the croquettes. A lot of people might assume this is a pretty simple dish, and it is, but it was executed perfectly. Maybe even the combination of chicken and ham seems weird to some, but trust me, it isn’t. I think the trick is that even though the meat appears inside a croquette, they have still cooked it to perfection so that it is tasty and tender. The addition of mint gave it a slightly mysterious flavour without overpowering the meat. 


Overall Experience at Navarro’s

Going into Navarro’s you are greeted by a traditional, cavernous little space with plenty of space between tables. Even in a big group you feel like your table is quite private. The service was exceptional. I’d recommend this for anyone that wants decent tapas without being charged through the nose for it.


Each tapas dish at Navarro’s costs between £5 and £15 

*This post is NOT sponsored or paid for and it not endorsed by the restaurant themselves. This was a personal visit that was paid for.




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