My Top 3 Dream Home Improvements

Once you get to a certain age, you start to think about the more “adult” things like home improvements, saving money on washing powder and whether your pension plan is good enough or not. As I am starting to think this year about moving closer to the city, I am also starting to think about what sort of home I’d like and what sort of improvements I’d make. Ideally, I’d like a home that has got close links to the city but also is surrounded by green space. I quite like a challenge so I am not averse to the idea of buying a home that needs a bit of fixing up. Most girls sit and daydream about handbags and dresses, but here I am thinking about sash windows and composite doors.



Yeah I know what you are thinking here. What the hell is an orangery? Actually, orangeries, are slightly different from a conservatory. Orangeries have a lot more brick, whereas conservatories tend to be made up over around 75% glass. One of the things I like about orangeries is that they look like more of an extension of your home. With an orangery, you get the look and feel of a traditional extension without the high cost. You can also still ensure that you have patio doors and large windows to let in light. I’d love something like this in my new home to use as an office because I have to work from home fairly often.

Bi-fold Doors


People see my life on social media and I know exactly what they think when they see the luxury hotels and the nice restaurants on social media. High maintenance is what probably springs to mind. But what people don’t realise is I LOVE the outdoors. I actually lived in a tent for 3 months when I worked in France. The reason I’d love bi-fold doors is because they blur the space between indoors and outdoors and make your garden look like an extension of your home. I like them better than patio doors because they open right out. They are also probably pretty handy if you are entertaining.

Bay Windows


Having bay windows is another little trick you can use to create the illusion of space within your home The great thing about them is that space is taken up on the outside rather than in the room you have them in. you probably haven’t heard of “bow” windows, but they are pretty much the same thing, they just have more openings. While bay windows tend to have 3 openings, bow windows can have up to 5. They are a great addition to any house, especially if you have a bench or a seat below them where you can sit and watch the world go by. As there are more sides, they also let in a lot more light than standard windows do which also adds to the effect of making the room look bigger.

What home improvements would you choose if you had an unlimited budget?

*This post was written in collaboration with Three Counties.


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