My Ideal Wedding Venue

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Wedding Venues

Whenever I’ve been to someone’s wedding, it starts me off thinking about things I’d like at my wedding. Disregard the fact I haven’t got anyone to marry yet. That is just a small detail. It’s just one of those things you think about as a girl. When the time does come for me to have my dream wedding I have the exact type of venue I want in mind. It will have to be somewhere people can stay, because I’ll want my Mum and of course all of my friends to be able to stay over and enjoy the whole experience with me.

Wedding venue tip 1 – make a list

Weddings are, of course, expensive. That means you will be wanting to make sure you get the most you can for your money. This is why it is a good idea to list what you want out of your venue. Order them by importance. What are your essentials? Have you got family coming from abroad? Does there absolutely need to be overnight accommodation? Or is this something you don’t really need. What about the location? Does it need to be central and close to the city or will you be able to transport everyone to somewhere a bit out of the way? Also when is the wedding? If it is in the summer you’ll need an outdoor space, but if it is winter this is less necessary.

Wedding venue tip 2 – if you don’t ask, you don’t get

If you are planning your own wedding you will need to start thinking like a professional. Just because the price is listed for a venue it does not mean there is no room to negotiate. Say for example there is a huge part of the space you don’t need to use. Can you get discount? What about if you dress the tables yourself, would this be cheaper? You should always be looking for the opportunity to get the best deal.

Wedding venue tip 3 – book early

If there is one thing wedding venues love it is ensuring that they are fully booked all year around. A lot of venues have better deals if you book early, especially if your wedding is out of season. Always check.

And my dream wedding venue is…

For me, it has to be Botleys Mansion. As much as I love city life there is just something about this huge country house in Surrey that appeals to me. You can have a look on the website if you fancy being nosey at my choice and I can assure you that you will be impressed. This has bedrooms for anyone wanting to stay overnight and I think anyone will agree that the venue is incredibly photogenic. If you were planning a wedding here the chances are you really wouldn’t need to do much decoration to make it look superb. The grand staircase would be a great place to make an entrance as a bride.

Now that I have it all planned out, I just need to find someone to marry…


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