My Bohemian Flo Summer Wish List

Before we start I’ll get the unpleasantries out of the way – this isn’t a sponsored post. There aren’t any affiliate links either. What actually led me to wanting to create this post about Bohemian Flo was the fact that I loved what I was seeing from the owner Natalie Docherty on LinkedIn about the company, and the more I looked into them the more I liked them. In this day and age it always feels like there are new online stores popping up every 30 seconds, so when you find one like Bohemian Flo that stands out, you know it is something special. There are a few products I have my eye on when payday comes up, and I am looking forward to seeing the company grow.

The LOU2

The LOU2 is one of my favourite products from Bohemian Flo. I left my DKNY watch in Greece last October, and despite the fact my friend has it, I haven’t chased up getting it back as it’s a faff, so I’ll prob be watch shopping soon. The thing I love about the LOU2 is that it is a littler bit fancy but not too brash or gaudy.

Nelly Choker

The Nelly Choker  is great because it’s fun without being tacky. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand will know how hard it is to find elephant products that are subtle and elegant. this necklace definitely has “elegant elephant” written all over it, and at £7.50 it is quite the bargain. This has got quite a “festival” type vibe so I’ll be ordering one for Boardmasters.

Potty Mouth Cushion

I don’t know about you, but in the summer I absolutely live for sitting outside chatting to my girls until the wee hours.Our garden is super annoying. It’s far too big for a two bedroom house so we never manager to get it looking perfect, but it does always look neat and tidy (as well as super spacious). Not only do I love the fact this Potty Mouth Cushion   has a swear on it – but it is also linen, so perfectly easy to wash if you get it a bit grubby using it on the garden chairs.



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