Mandaloun, London

Mandaloun is a little treasure I visited recently for a work lunch. It intrigued me because I’ve never actually had the chance to go to a Lebanese restaurant. Despite the fact that my favourite singer, Shakira, is half Lebanese, I’ve never had the chance to try half of the Lebanese food you’ll find on the menu there. Your first though for Lebanese food in London probably wouldn’t be a restaurant so close to a shopping centre, but it really is worth the trip! You’ll probably have ready by now how much I love a chain restaurant , but this place doesn’t really count as there are only two of them.

What’s on the menu at Mandaloun?

You’ll find all of the Lebanese treats on the menu that the wider population know about. Falafal. Hummus. Halloumi. All absolutely delightful in their simplicity. One thing I like about Middle-Eastern cuisine is that they stick to a few base flavours like Lemon and Cumin but still manage to absolutely smash it out of the park when it comes to delicious food. Coming on to the mains, we all picked a different dish which is always great as you can see what other people had and whether it looks nice or not. Or maybe it’s bad in case someone’s food looks better than yours. I was lucky on this occasion. Although all of my party enjoyed their food – mine was definitely the best dish.

I chose my main course from the grill menu , and had the Farrouj Meshwe. This dish was quite simple. It’s just grilled chicken marinated in some spices served Lebanese rice. The flavours were amazing. So many places only manage to flavour the outside of the chicken, but this was delicious all the way through and not one bit dry! But the real winner for me out of everything was the Lebanese rice. As someone who is enough of a rice lover to own a rice cooker, the rice really blew me away. See Lebanese rice actually has Vermicelli in it. Seriously, what is not to love there?


What’s the atmosphere like?

It was really hard to judge the atmosphere because we went at lunch time. One thing I will say though, is due to the fact it is in the outdoor bit of Westfield and also down to the amazing decor, you really do not know that you are next to one of the world’s biggest shopping centres whilst you are inside. The manager was amazing too. He gave us some really good dish recommendations and you could tell he believed in both the business and the food.

Would I recommend Mandaloun?

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Mandaloun if you are in the White City area. The food is really special and well worth a try if you have not had Lebanese before. It’s a great go to if you are looking for Lebanese food in London.


Food: 8/10

Atmosphere: 6/10

Prices: ££

*I visited Mandaloun as a paying customer. They are not affiliated with this review in any way and this post is not sponsored. This page and blog theme contains affiliate advertising.


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