London Restaurants To Try In AW18

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As soon as September hits, it feels like you absolutely cannot turn around without Christmas being thrown in your face. London restaurants are no stranger to piling on the Christmas cheer. But don’t let forced festivities put you off trying some new London restaurants this season. I’ve been making it my mission to find out everything I can about the various places to eat in London (I’ve even taken the time to create a vlog series, “Things I Put In My Mouth”.).  With the new season we get new places to eat, new menus and new flavours, so if anything this is the BEST time to try somewhere new.

Caravan Fitzrovia

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Caravan, Fitzrovia 

If you are a Londoner, there isn’t any doubt you would have heard of Caravan. With their branches in places like Kings Cross becoming so popular, over the summer they opened a branch in upscale Fitzrovia. Great Portland Street is an area that offers stiff competition when it comes to places to get a decent Breakfast, Lunch or Brunch, but Caravan’s menu mixes the simplicity and the complex so well it is bound to become a firm favourite. Where else in the world would you have the choice between simple scrambled eggs on toast or polenta hotcakes? The brunch offering is every bit as fabulous, with the welcome addition of pizza to the menu once the breakfast patrons start clearing out. The Fitzrovia building itself is light, airy and relaxed and the “all day” menu is a feature of this particular branch.

Foley's London

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Foley’s, Fitzrovia 

Foley’s in London is by no means a new addition to my list of London restaurants. You’ll notice I’ve reviewed it before. One of the things I loved about Foley’s is the consistency to surprise. I’ve been twice, and each time I had something on the menu that was COMPLETELY different to the other. The thing about Foley’s is, you can tell that love and care have been put into making each dish indvidual. No two dishes have the same flavour. Not even close. The way Foley’s are able to offer such a unique culinary experience is because they do not discriminate on where they get their inspiration from. Although most of the food is Asian, it really isn’t unusual to see some Mediterranean flair in their well-thought-out dishes. Foley’s is definitely worth a visit if, like me, you are a flavour whore (inappropriate comments can be directed to my Twitter inbox about that one).

The London Jukebox

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The London Jukebox, Islington 

The London Jukebox mixes together possibly my two favourite things – live music and Indian Food. Although they have been hosting events all around London in the past, October 2018 sees the outfit open their first permanent residence. After setting up World Music concerts in various locations, they have decided to give the general public a more permanent offering. Snippets of the menu that have been shared online so far give a fair indication this will be 1000x times better than anything you experience at your local Indian. Paneer Kaati Rolls? YES PLEASE.

Jollibee London

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Jollibee, Earls Court 

I know what you are thinking. “Why the hell have you got a Filipino fast-food chain on this list”. Well, for a start, if I told you Anthony Bourdain was a fan would it change your mind? My love affair with Jollibee started in 2012 when I went to The Philippines for three months to see some family and mend a broken heart. I got through a number of Chickenjoy meals while having the best three months of my whole life. I’ve waited since then, patiently, for Jollibee to open a branch in the UK (although I suspect most Filipino expats have been waiting since 1975 when Jollibee opened so I’ve done well). You can’t begin to imagine how excited I was to find out they were opening their first branch in Earls Court on the 20th of October. Unfortunately, illness has prevented me from being there on the opening day, but I’ll probably be there for dinner every night next week. I can’t wait to experience my favourite fried chicken and spaghetti without having to do a 17-hour flight.

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