Living La Vida Layla (why “not care” is your new favourite philosophy)

Not care

(Like all of the kids, Layla loved me up before she could talk)

Having the same best friends for nearly twenty years means that there are a LOT of running jokes. A LOT. And they are ongoing for years, rather than weeks or months. So when something funny happens the six of us in my best girl gang do love to highlight it over and over. I can still visibly remember my best friend Jade getting Marmite in her eyebrow in year 9 or my other best friend Lindsey cutting her leg when she was drunk and insist there were worms coming out of it (only for me to try and drunkernly placate her by saying it was plasma. We were 13).

As you can imagine, the funnier the thing, the more it gets said. Because of this, “The Twat Pack” as I “affectionately” call us, have a new favourite saying. Sometime around Christmas last year, I popped round to see my best friend Jade and her three daughters and partner for a social visit. You always go in the back at hers so I strolled in the patio doors. Jade’s older two were upstairs which is what I am used to, and her youngest Layla was in the living room playing with her Christmas presents. As I walked in, Jade shouted over to Layla “Layla, Kelly’s here”.

She stayed facing her toy kitchen with her hands in the pan for a few seconds (hope she wasn’t boiling something), turned her head round, barely looked at me and stated:

“not care”.

I don’t know what it is that made it so funny. The fact she couldn’t even give me the benefit of looking while she insulted me, the fact that she insulted me, or the sheer karma because this is the sort of thing I’ve been saying to her Mum to wind her up for most of our lives (she still gets wound up so easily haha).

But as well as repeating this phrase because it’s funny, we’ve also come to live by it a little bit. “Not care” is very universal. Me and the ghost hunting girls literally just run around like complete idiots doing what we want and saying what we want and filming it for Youtube. Especially in London. Can you believe that I took my incredibly naughty friends to wait for me in the pub after a Jet2 blogger event? But guess what? Not care!

The best thing about SAYING “not care” is that you really do start living it. Boyfriend giving you grief? Not care. Best friend being a twat? Not care. Put on a few pounds over the summer because you’ve attended 137 BBQ’s? NOT CARE! It’s funny, isn’t it, that it comes down to a 3 year old to really cut through all of the nonsense in life. Our generation, in particular, feel so much pressure from all sides. Pressure to be a homeowner, pressure to have a good career, pressure to deal with our mental health issues, pressure to have the “perfect” life like everyone on social media. And the healthiest way to deal with all of these pressure is basically to try and stop caring about them. Have you ever been told that you won’t find love while you are looking for it? Well, the same is true for happiness. Happiness is your journey, not your destination.

If you are interested in having a t-shirt or mug with “not care” or another personal favourite saying “I hate doing things”, you can buy my merch here:

The more you try to relax and not be bothered what other people think, the more you will get out of life, trust me. There was talk of us all getting “not care” tattoos last night. So if this happens you can be sure it will end up on my Youtube channel.


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