Live Action Fairy tales – Full Steam Ahead

With the success of Maleficent still fresh in our minds, it’s no wonder the ‘Live action fairy tale’ genre has another offering on March 13th in the form of Cinderella.

The classic Disney/pantomime tale starring Cate Blanchett and Lily James puts a new spin on the story with Cinderella running into her prince BEFORE the ball.


With ‘Mirror Mirror’ the re-telling of the Snow White story starring Julia Roberts being such a success in 2012, it’s no wonder rumors are circulating of a live action film of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the works.

The film is set to star Emma Watson as Belle, a damsel in distress who gets an unlikely Prince in the form of the beast that has forced her to live in his castle as a prisoner in the place of her father.

Emma Watson has been fairly silent amid rumors she is dating Prince Harry, so we wonder what he will think of the latest gossip! Maybe he’s a Disney fan.

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