Lee Wick Farm Review (#Slag)

Lee Wick Farm Review

As we got back into the car after our weekend at one of my favourite places, I looked at my three friends from behind my sunglasses and said “if we EVER go anywhere for the weekend again it has to be sixty miles away from the nearest human”. So Lee Wick Farm was my birthday present in February as my friends dutifully fulfilled my wishes of not wanting to be the only sober one while they were running around playing knock down ginger on people’s doors and accidentally sitting on people in the relaxation room.

Luckily, even though my birthday is in February our visit to the Stable Cottage at Lee Wick Farm actually happened in June. This was lucky because the hot tub came with an absolutely beautiful real-fire hot tub to use in the garden. We pulled in to Lee Wick Farm after driving through some wonderful cornfields.

Some of the other girls had arrived first and decorated the cottage which was cute, until we realised our #GALS balloons said something far different if you reversed it. As the cottage is a converted stable, it’s quite long and narrow, but the actual rooms are really spacious.

Lee Wick Farm Review

There is a master bedroom at one end with a double and a single bed and an en suite bathroom, a smaller bedroom with two singles (me and Lauren bagged that because we stay up the latest but we’d both rather shit a hedgehog than share a bed) and an en suite, a kitchen and a living room. The cottage also had a hot tub right outside the patio doors and a spacious garden with patio furniture.

Lee Wick Farm Review

I must admit, we can be a bit boisterous if we want to be but as soon as we arrived we were just sitting there drinking (tea and coffee at this point) and some wind took the umbrella and it just snapped. A couple of things broke over the weekend but we told the owners straight away and they were really fair about it. Also the smoke alarm had no cover and went off every-time someone breathed so we had to give that a little slap.

Conveniently Tesco deliver to Lee Wick Farm so you can put your feet up and use your suitcase space for fun shit like animal masks and glow sticks. You might think you would get bored in a cottage in the middle of nowhere but with a hot tub and some good pals you really don’t. I cooked a carbonara on the first night and then we spent the majority of the evening chilling in the hot tub. The hot tub was absolutely amazing, but real-fire ones definitely have a “trick” to them. The friend who travelled up with me had made the actual booking and received the instructions so many frantic calls along these lines were made while we were on the way to the girls actually already there:

“JADE, you’ve got to stir it? Did you know you had to stir it?”

“No there are more logs in the log box next to the hot tub. Yes the LOG BOX didn’t you think to look there?”


You see the issue was as the hot tub came in at an extra charge we REALLY wanted our monies worth. Rest assured were it snowing, we still would have go in that hot tub. So as you can imagine we were completely unprepared for the surprise of getting there and it actually being too hot. Yes friends, our enthusiasm with the logs meant that the hot tub was around 60 degrees which is about boiling point for humans. The only thing we could think of (and bear in mind my friends were all drunk by this point and I am fairly useless anyway), was to fill as many of the pans as we could, and create, in my friend Lindsey’s words a “chain reaction” where we passed them along and put cold water in the hot tub.

This did work, but you can imagine how stupid we felt when we found the hose the next morning?

And that brings me to one of the main points of my Lee Wick Farm review. The guys who run this place are acutely aware you are in the middle of nowhere, so they provide EVERYTHING you need for a perfect weekend. If you have a busy life working in the city like me, the idea of being in a cottage for two days with nothing but a hot tub and your closest friends is absolutely perfect.

Lee Wick Farm Review

Things to remember if you are staying at the Stable Cottage in Lee Wick Farm

  • You are right next to some stables so be prepared to be woken up early by horsey people. Also, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT LET YOUR #SLAG BALLOONS BLOW AWAY NEAR THE STABLES
  • The hot tub will actually get really hot and you will have enough logs for the whole weekend. Don’t panic
  • You really are in the middle of nowhere so buy a bit extra of everything in case you run out
  • There is a highchair for use in the cottage and I am pleased to report it fits an average sized Tellytubby


Are you thinking “wow they sound like absolute idiots, I’d love to go away for the weekend with them?”. Well you can, head over to my Youtube channel where I filmed our recent “ghost hunting” weekend.

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