Lantana Cafe, London

Lantana Cafe

I feel like In am so behind on my reviewing, and that really is a travesty to the Lantana Cafe. Anyone who works in media will know that “media lunches” are a very well known thing, but if I get to eat at places as good as Lantana Cafe I am here to fully support the uprising of the “media breakfast”. One of the main reasons I love a good breakfast is the coffee. As much as I have tried to limit my caffeine intake I am afraid I am just one of those people who is destined to be a grumpy twat until I have got some seriously good coffee down me each morning. Lantana Cafe has a great coffee menu which strikes the balance between genuinely good offerings but also not being too confusing. Do I know what a Piccolo coffee is? No. Did I just order a flat white? Yes.

Moving on to the food, you will find all of the trendy hipster breakfast bites you are used to finding in a central London cafe. This sounds like a bad thing, but it genuinely isn’t. As someone who can barely eat anything without getting stomach pains, avocado toast has become my saviour. I opted not to have the hazlenut and pistachio dukkah and instantly regretting that life choice when I saw it on someone else’s plate, but to pacify myself I did have the halloumi which goes surprisingly well with poached egg and avocado on toast. I am one of those people who will genuinely tell you halloumi goes with anything. Avo toast? Halloumi. Chicken and rice? Halloumi. Dress you can’t find a clutch to match on a night out? Halloumi. Just go for it huns, halloumi is the new black.

Lantana Cafe

There are other benefits to Lantana. Despite the fact it is very central, you still get a little bit of privacy on each table. This means that if you are sat sharing Marbella war stories the people next to you need never know that the night you planned a big night out at Tibu you actually chickened out and ended up in a karaoke bar with several drunk 50 year old northerners instead.They also do a selection of lighter bites which is great because some people can’t eat a huge meal at breakfast. These are people who are definitely not on my level. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day you best believe I am going to smash 800 calories in one meal. The price at Lantana Cafe is right as well. A good brekkie and a good coffee will set you back around £15. Not too shabby for somewhere close enough to Oxford Street you can smell the tourists.

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