Landing 42, The Leadenhall Building


Landing 42

Fairly often, I get the luxury of going to some seriously nice places through my job at an advertising agency. So when I was invited to the Bid Factor Awards at Landing 42 there was no way I was going to miss checking it out, even if I did risk saying something highly inappropriate to someone posh. You’ll probably notice the majority of my posts are about food,so it was nice to go somewhere that gave me an opportunity to blog about something different.

What is Landing 42?

Landing 42 is basically a whole floor in the ultra-modern Leadenhall building that is dedicated to events. After a short trip on the fastest lift in Europe you’ll enter a space with more or less panoramic views across the city. The floor to ceiling windows look out on popular landmarks including The Shard, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. They offer a full turn-key solution and the space holds up to 300 people.

What is Landing 42 like?

I’ve been to The Shard for a conference and I thought the views were pleasant, but Landing 42 is something else. Maybe it was because I visited during the evening when the twinkling lights of the city were a nicer features than the traffic filled roads I saw during the day at The Shard. The event that I went to had food a drinks and there were two bars which was perfect considering the amount of people that are packed into the space. The food was pretty decent also, made better by being eaten at one of the highest spaces in London.

Landing 42

For anyone that loves the city, this is a must visit. Unfortunately they only hold private events but if you do get the opportunity to go I urge you to. The views alone are worth the trip.

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