JCS Jewellery Consultancy Services

When JCS Jewelerry Consultancy Services said they was going to send me something pretty, I definitely wasn’t going to say ‘oh no thank you, your alright’. Being the typical Essex girl I am, I absolutely LOVE my sparkles.

JCS Consultancy have a showroom in Hatton Garden, and an office in Billericay, and they have such a wide range of services for you. Repairs, validation, salvage. I’m almost certain that if you went in and asked them to turn a necklace into a BMW they would be able to do it.

As well as all these handy services, they also SELL jewellery. The necklace they sent me is from a designer range called ‘Mint of London’, and it’s made with sterling silver and crystal pieces. It is available in various colours and chain lengths, and ranges from £14 to £25. Matching earrings start from £10, and they will deliver for £2 and gift wrap for free. That’s GREAT if you are physically unable to wrap something without it looking like a piece from the Tate modern, like me.

JCS Billericay

You can get more information on JCS by visiting: www.jcsjewellers.co.uk/home feel free to purchase and send me some more gifts if you fancy, because I LOVE my necklace. I have just worn it out for dinner but forgot to get a selfie as I was too concerned about getting it home and safely back in it’s box.

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