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When I was invited to the launch of ITVbe in London, I was so excited. Although I’m sure it was because of my blog, there were no strings so it was a great excuse to actually go to a celeb bash where I didn’t have to be professional (and sober).

I took my Mum as a plus one as a little treat because 26 years of me is a long, long, long time. So we got all glammed up and she was all excited and kept saying she wanted to meet Peter Andre. Now I didn’t want to get her hopes up, because I have long since learned you meet who you meet at these things.

So we handed in our tickets and walked down the red carpet behind Caprice, passed the cloakroom and got to the main door. Who should be there but Pete himself waving and greeting us like he knew us personally. Due to the fact Mum had lost the ability to breathe, I explained to Peter Mum was a fan, and he asked US if she wanted a photo.

Peter Andre is such a nice guy.


The venue itself was gorge, a little room with views over looking the Thames with a bar. We met up with our newest BFF’s Daryl and Maisie and went for a wander. I cant put a precise number on the amount of times we were offered canapés, but I think it was 657.

ITV Headquarters

Now I have been to a celeb do or two, and because I’m usually blogging and an EX Towie member was incredibly rude to me, I’m not really one for ‘fan-girling’.

But if Mario and Charlie walk in, you are going to get a pic.

Now after Peter and Jamelia introduced the concept of ITVbe and what sort of programmes it will show (Wall to wall reality – YAY) me and Mum nipped off to the loo and run into a very stunning looking Amy Willerton. Not only did she happily oblige to a photo with Mum, but she let me be cheeky and fish for some goss, and I asked her if it was awkward here with the TOWIE lot (she had a brief fling with Joey Essex after ‘I’m a celebrity’). She actually replied that she doesn’t know who quite a lot of them are, as she rarely watched TV. She even said she didn’t recognise a lot of people at the NTA’s. Ouch, well played Amy.

Amy Willerton

It was so wall to wall glamour, that I cant even individually mention all the celebs we chatted to, but Ollie Locke was lovely, he was a really nice guy (although I think I nearly spilled Bellini on him). He got a pic with Mum and couldn’t of been more nice about it, and Georgia and Jasmine from TOWIE, despite what comes across on the show are both lovely ladies, and were happy to chat for ages. Jas especially seems to get a lot of stick (especially for her X factor audition) but she’s actually really friendly. Editing guys!

Ollie Locke

What is ITVbe?

ITVbe is a new channel, where ITV2 are moving away from the reality TV shows and passing them over to ITVbe. As explained by Peter Andre, ITVbe want to focus on real people. Let’s face it, we al LOVE having a little window into the lives of others.

The channel numbers are:

Freeview 26

Sky 179

Virgin media 119

All in all it was a great night, and as well as meeting all my faves from TOWIE, I’m really pleased about my new friends Daryl and Maisie and we are DEFFO all going to go our somewhere glam in Essex soon!!!


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