10 Of The Best Instagram Hacks

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For bloggers, I feel like Instagram is just a never-ending conundrum. I honestly feel like the platform brings out an update every so often to add confusion. There are a few Instagram hacks that may help, even if you have researched how to use it in detail. Knowing how the algorithms work etc is great until they change it and you have no clue why you are losing engagement. There are a few things I have learned while doing research for my day job that have come in really handy for me. Consider reading a book that explains Instagram in more detail , to really learn about the platform.

Editing a post loses previous engagement

By now, everyone knows the more engagement you get, the more engagement you get. Instagram see’s how your post does in its initial lifespan and then decides who to show it to. But one Instagram hack you might not know is that if you edit a post your engagement counter is set back to 0. That means you need to be SERIOUSLY proofreading your posts unless you want to spot a mistake down the line and have any engagement you already have count for nothing.

Bookmark posts

One of the Instagram hacks that has helped me fit managing my Instagram into my daily life is bookmarking. Everyone knows that the more you engage, the more engagement you get. Sometimes you may see a post that you really want to comment on – but just don’t have the time to leave a thoughtful, interesting comment. This is where bookmarking comes in. You can bookmark these posts and save them for when you have more time.

(Image source: The Nerdic)

Create stories highlights

I know this sounds like an obvious one, and not really an Instagram hack. It is worth remembering if someone has found or read this post they may be a bit new to blogging and social media and be really grateful for tips like this. The stories highlights feature allows you to post stories posts that last forever, rather than just 24 hours. This is especially useful to bloggers who might be running giveaways.

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Change the order of your filters

Chances are, if you are Instagramming loads, you will have a favourite filter. Or even a favourite two or three. Although it will LITERALLY only save you seconds each time, it is still a neat little trick being able to reorder your filters. Just hit the “manage” option when you are creating a post and you can change them around. Don’t be afraid to use filters even if you use a camera. I recently got a cheap Cannon PowerShot,and I still filter like mad! I also got myself a proper book on digital photography. That and the camera come to less than £200 and I am getting much more engagement.

Add a call to action in your posts

CTA’s are a well-known tool in advertising. Basically, a call to action is an instruction for the reader to do something. You may see things like “don’t miss out, sign up today” on online ads – and this is a call to action. Calls to action on Instagram do not need to be limited to just sponsored posts promoting products. I am a huge fan of the old adage “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. If you want your followers to engage, ASK THEM TO. Ask them to comment with their thoughts and opinions and your engagement will definitely increase.

Add secret locations and hashtags to stories

You can add ten hashtags and a location to your Instagram stories. I know what you are probably thinking. “That will take over the whole post”. Not if you minimise it so much no one can actually see it but Instagram still counts it. You’re welcome.

Turn on notifications for similar influencers

Making Instagram work for you as a blogger isn’t going to be simple. As many Instagram hacks as there are out there, you still need to put in some work. Do some research and find out what influencers similar to yourself are doing that works. Engaging on posts by influencers who have larger followings than yourself is a great way to get your account seen. Turn on notifications for a select few and make sure you always engage with them.

Cross promote

This one sounds so simple, and yet I promise you, so many people forget to do it. It’s hard not to fall foul of being one of those annoying people who post links to their Instagram on their other social media channels all of the time, but cross-promotion is a seriously effective tool. Even something as old-fashioned as actually telling people face to face what your Instagram is can work really well. Next time you go to an event, spend some time networking and swapping Instagram handles with people. You’ll be amazed at how much it can increase engagement.

Reply to people in a timely fashion

If someone comments on your post, reply to them in a timely fashion. Not only does this keep the carousel of engagement going around, but it also means they will be happy to comment on your posts again in the future. Showing your followers that you are grateful for them is one of the best ways to keep a loyal and dedicated following. Once you start having conversations with people in the comments, you will keep seeing each others posts, and be able to keep up the relationship.

Use your bio URL wisely

It may seem like the best idea in the world to link to your homepage in your bio URL, but it may not be. If you have a recent post that you are trying to promote, use a link shorter to put this in your bio URL. One of the benefits of this is that you will be able to increase your engagement on certain posts at certain times, and it will also be a lot easier to track what is coming in from Instagram. If you are running an influencer campaign for a brand this is a great little hack to get them a tad more exposure.

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  1. June 22, 2018 / 9:27 pm

    Thanks for these tips. Always need to practice them. The bookmark is a great idea because sometimes I only have tome to put on a story and the next time I am on my feed has changed. The new algorithm is showing me some different followers whom I wouldn’t engage with. I try and pop at least 6 posts a week but sometimes I just want a break lol.

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