Immense Scents – What Is A Scentsy Burner?

*this post was written in exchange for borrowing a Scentsy burner for a week



I’m one of those people that has absolutely no qualms in admitting that I love a scented candle. In fact, one of my favourite pastimes is going to Ikea for their candles. So when I noticed that one of my friends was selling something called Scentsy I was quite curious as to how it works. Candles themselves smell lovely and I love how relaxing they make my room but they do present quite the health hazard. One of the main reasons is because I am always so tired , I fall asleep pretty much straight away and forget to blow them out. It also works out, in my opinion, quite pricey. I’ve seen bloggers use Jo Malone candles and I’m like “oh ok do you piss money now then?”. Even if I were rich I kind of get the feeling I’d still not be comfortable spending over £100 on a candle, and if I did I definitely wouldn’t ever use it.

These are both problems that are solved by a Scentsy warmer. For a start they are not real fire so you don’t need to worry about accidentally burning the house down, which in my books is always a plus! You also don’t need to pay out as much as you do for candles because Scentsy burners are a bulb. When my friend Frankie started selling Scentsy products I was really curious because, as I said, I love candles. She let me borrow a warmer and some melts for my room.

Now I don’t know if being a candle lover is genetic, but once my Mum saw the clever little contraption there was no way I was getting to use that just in my room. We tried the “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” warmer  with the “Hug in a Mug” and some other melts. The first night I borrowed it I went out. Mum text me to say it was incredible. When I came home the entire house smelled sweet. Not sickly sweet either, just a pleasant sweetness that went through the whole house.

One of the things I noticed is that it made the house smell amazing, and the smell really lasted. I’ve wasted a lot of money on bad candles in the past, but using a Scentsy warmer with the Scencsy melts was a lot more effective and longer lasting.

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