If I Were A Matchmaker

*this post was written in collaboration with WeLoveDates.

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It always intrigues me when people meet through someone introducing them, get on well, date, and live happily ever after. Call me particular but I wouldn’t trust my friends with something as important as picking out a man for me. I’m not saying my friends don’t know me well. I’m just saying that it’s something quite personal. I think the way the show Blind Date has bombed here in the UK has given us a huge indication of the times; we simply do not trust matchmakers any more. But I do genuinely think this is a real shame. I met my first serious boyfriend through another friend, and although she hadn’t “set us up”, she obviously invited him out the night we met because she thought we would get on.

Maybe the art of matchmaking needs shaking up. Here is what I would do if I were to channel my inner Cilla Black.

Go Through Their Dating Profiles

It’s funny how much you think you know someone until you go through their profiles on dating sites. Because dating profiles tend to be quite anonymous, we get a little bit more honest with what we are looking for. Most of your friends tend to be the same sex and it’s unlikely that your profile will show up on a friends. This gives us the opportunity to be refreshingly candid. If I were going to try my hand at matchmaking I’d want a seriously good nose at my friends dating profiles so I can see what they REALLY want. Free dating sites like WeLoveDates, usually still let you have a full profile, so they are a great start.

Change the First Date Venue

Oh.My.God. First dates can be so tedious, can’t they? You have all of this pressure as well as the added pressure of being in a busy environment. Meals, coffees and even the cinema are always standard first date venues. There isn’t anything worse than being on a first date somewhere quite boring and not really knowing how to get the conversation started. Going somewhere fun with an activity to do is a great way to ensure the date paces nicely. One of my favourites is the ping pong bar, Bounce in Shoreditch. You can break the ice by laughing at how bad you are, or have a story to tell about how you became an amazing ping pong player.

Try not to Give Away too Many Clues

Back in the old days, like the really old days, people had to get to know each other through talking. There was no option to stalk someone to the extent you nearly ask them how Malia was in 2015. Conversation was naturally kept flowing because you didn’t know every single little detail about the other person gleaned from Instagram. If I was going to be a matchmaker between two people I know, I wouldn’t give them much before they went out. I mean, obviously I will cover the basics like ensuring they know the other person isn’t a serial killer (that I know of), but some mystery should remain to make the first few dates successful.

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