Hunger or Habit

I’m sure you have all been following my many, many diet efforts, with the recent and most successful being just a few small changes (you can read this here: I’ve been doing well all week and having a treat at weekends. I have completely cut out snacking of an evening as the information was too confusing. Do snack, don’t snack, don’t eat after eight, don’t eat after EIGHTS, don’t eat the cat, try not to eat your pillow in your sleep, have a juice and a cracker for breakfast, etc etc.

I’m just sat here on a Friday night on my arse at 21.12 watching my O.C boxset wondering if I REALLY want a snack, or if I have eaten enough today? A lot of scientists, health people, and bottled water companies push the fact that your brains signals between hunger and thirst get mixed up. I tend to drink 147 drinks a day which means I’m usually in between being on the toilet and being absolutely bursting for the toilet.

The thing is though, when you sit and want for that little bar of chocolate or those crisps after dinner are you really HUNGRY?

I mean, if I think about it I could still sleep pretty soundly without eating that toast and those skips and refresher bars right?

I wonder how much the human could actually live on a day?

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  1. May 4, 2014 / 3:56 pm

    Great posting! As a ‘career’ dieter I can certainly relate…sigh. Have a super Sunday!

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