The Coronavirus Pandemic – How To Stay Safe During The UK Lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic

*UPDATE: the UK has now been advised to stay at home. I have updated this to reflect the new measures the government has put in place

It’s very unlike me to jump on the bandwagon and blog about something that is making a lot of noise in the press. But I think we have reached the point now with the Coronavirus pandemic where we have all kind of reached tipping point from putting it to the back of our minds to it being quite an immediate worry. I have tried to keep this as factual as possible and where I have used an external source I have linked back to it. I would just like to stress, as I did when I did all of my content around having vitamin iv’s for anaemia, I am NOT a Doctor. If you are a medical professional and you see something incorrect here, please email me on and I will correct as soon as I can. Despite the fact it is something I do on all of my other blog posts and there would be some good opportunities for placements, I have also chosen not to add many affiliate links to this article. This situation is incredibly serious, and I do not wish to profit from it. There will be display advertising on the page which is embedded into the overall theme.

Stay at home

On the 23rd of March 2020, the UK government ordered what is, essentially, a lockdown.  While I completely appreciate that the advice is really unclear on who need to go to work and who doesn’t, in line with the government advice my main advice in this post is to stay home. We are all going to need food and supplies at some point: so hopefully I can re-purpose this post now to show you how to stay safe while going out for your daily bit of exercise or for vital supplies.

Social distance

I absolutely despise touching people (not boyfriends and family obviously), so this has worked in my favour. We are at the point now where everyone needs to be cautious. Because remember, YOU might recover perfectly well from Coronavirus, but what about your best friends baby or your Nan? It’s not scaremongering to say people are losing their lives. It may only be a small number, but it is still a fact that it is happening. Keep an area of personal space around yourself. I would err on the side of caution at this point, but if someone is sneezing then you need to keep at least 3 ft away from them. a lot of supermarkets are installing screens, which I think is a great idea. If you are out for a walk, and someone looks like they might be getting a bit close to you, cross to the other side. A Coronavirus pandemic is not the time to be worrying about offending peple. 

Wash your hands

All I keep seeing are tweets from people saying “who didn’t wash their hands, to begin with”, but you would be surprised at the level of sheer grotbag people that are not you are comfortable with being. Even if you are a die-hard hand-washer, you might not do it thoroughly enough to ward off an actual virus. There is loads of advice going around about how long you should wash your hands for and what you should sing. I wash mine for as long as possible, then a bit more. If you are washing your hands correctly and getting in all of the right areas then you will take the correct amount of time. I had to do an entire course on washing your hands as part of my infection control when I worked in care.

The two main things I would highlight would be to use an entire hand to twist around and clean your thumb and using your fingers to rub off any dirt between your fingers. Here is a great instruction graphic I found on Amazon (link to my associates page)

Clean your phone, laptop and tablet screens

One of the things we know for an absolute fact during this Coronavirus pandemic is that the virus itself can live on surfaces for hours up until days. You might be like me and be constantly cleaning your phone screen anyway, but now is never a better time to do it more thoroughly. When you think about how many times a day you touch your phone, or show things on your phone to other people if your phone comes into contact with the virus you are almost certain to catch it. It’s the same with laptops that you transport back and forth and tablets. You can get screen-cleaning wipes, but rarely are they antibacterial. Use antibacterial wipes on them all, especially the keyboard of your laptop. Obviously, try a small part first to ensure the particular wipes you are using won’t ruin the screen.

DON’T cover your mouth with your hand

I grew up safe in the knowledge I coughed “politely” because I did it in my hand and then washed them. But the guidelines from most places say this is not hygienic and it does make sense because you could then go on to touch ANYTHING with your hand. You can cough into your elbow, which is used less, or into a tissue which you dispose or as soon as you can. Even if you think it will be a dry cough or sneeze, there is no such thing. Better to be safe than snotty!

Know the symptoms

Because people are hell-bent on making you believe this Coronavirus pandemic is like a flu pandemic, what the symptoms actually are is information that is getting a bit confused. In fact, the Coronavirus doesn’t really sound much like flu at all. To me, it sounds more like pneumonia. The main symptoms for Coronavirus are as follows:

  • cough
  • fever
  • difficulty breathing

I’ve looked up quite a few articles and I can’t actually find any articles that CLEARLY state which symptom comes first. I’d have to say that what would alert me to this being Coronavirus rather than a normal cold or the flu would be the absence of other symptoms, like a headache and bunged up nose. I suffer from my sinuses so everything I get always goes there first. You know your own body. Listen to it.

Look after your mental health

I suffer from anxiety quite badly. A few years ago I was on Citalopram (not that there is any shame in that whatsoever), but I gave it up. When I gave up alcohol for anxiety, I thought about going back on Citalopram just so I could have a drink and not get anxious the next morning, then I came to my senses and gave up alcohol. There are quite a lot of bloggers that I read that suffer from mental health problems, and my Twitter feed has had quite a lot of Coronavirus related worry on it at the moment. Even if you haven’t got an underlying mental health problem, it’s a big worry. Hate it when people say “oh try not to think about it, to people that suffer from anxiety. Like great, didn’t even THINK about trying that. My Twitter DM’s are always open. 

Being on lockdown is super-stressful, and it can take a huge toll on those with existing mental health issues. But if we all look after each other, we will get through it.

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There have recently been a number of news articles to suggest that Ibuprofen may worsen the virus. I have added this in to this post even though it hasn’t been confirmed by any official organisation yet just for that fact that it might be prudent to avoid Ibuprofen if you start to show symptoms. All of the official advice still points to treating the symptoms and calling 111 if you are struggling to catch your breath.

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