How To Deal With Blogger Anxiety

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Blogger Anxiety

Blogger anxiety happens because being a blogger can be a stressful experience. Without even adding in the stigma bloggers & influencers have online about being “lazy and entitled”, there are plenty of things like deadlines and your DA randomly dropping to keep you in a perpetual state of anxiety over your blog. A lot of people find blogging goes from something they enjoy to something really stressful. Here are my top tips on helping to stop blogger anxiety.

Don’t compare yourself to others

One of the WORST mistakes a blogger can make is to compare themselves to other blogger. It’s easily done though right? Social media is literally in our faces every day so it isn’t difficult to be exposed to other bloggers content and worry that you are not doing as well as them. But here is the thing: people only show their best sides, achievements and positive news on social media. The chances are the people you are following suffer from all of the same anxieties you do. I recently read a great book called “Social Media and You“, which really helped me better my relationship with the internet.

Trust your readers

Having a bit of a meltdown and thinking your content is boring or not good enough is par for the course in the blogging world. If you are someone that suffers from an anxious mind anyway it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking your blog “isn’t good enough”. But the thing is, if your blog is still getting ANY views it means there are people out there interested in your content. Be positive and trust that your readers will return.

Don’t be afraid to try new things

I’ve always found the blogging world super cliquey and for time, I didn’t feel confident enough to try new things. I had a constant fear of being slagged off for trying something different and it meant my blog got quite samey and boring. At the end of the day, there will always be people that don’t like what you do. But if there is even one person that reads your blog, it is all worthwhile.

Recognise when to take a break

Producing engaging content regularly really takes it toll. Although constantly blogging is great for your SEO, it isn’t always the best for your mind. ANY blog will survive a little break. You don’t owe any of your readers anything, especially if blogging is becoming detrimental to your mental health. Try to realise when you need a break and take one long enough to actually help you relax.

WSD (Write shit down)

I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when I write stuff down. A wise lady i used to work with told me once that I should write down all of my worries before I go to bed and it was life-changing information. It really works. So use this strategy for your blogging life. treat yourself to an AMAZING notepad and crack on!

Pamper yourself when you need to

This is probably good life advice in general. But even more so for bloggers. If you work from home, the boundaries between home and work time can get pretty blurred which makes it really stressful. If you work full time as well as blog like me, my goodness you must be busy. You absolutely must make time for a pamper here and there.

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