How can Chitter Chatter get away with this?

A story was flagged up to me yesterday, which made me sad and frustrated and again lack faith in fellow man.

For those of you who read my blog and live locally, you will be familiar with the ‘Chitter Chatter’ store in town that sells mobile phone contracts.

In this particular part of Basildon, there have been a few shops closing which has had a sort of ‘Domino effect’, much like when you push drunk people over.

You can read Vince and Yin’s story here:

I really do urge you to read it, but the basics of it are, Vince and Yin were valued employee’s who worked for Chitter chatter for a number of years, and were persuaded to open one of the first franchise stores, with the promise they will be ‘looked after’.

They kept asking and asking for this to be done. You can’t just make a contract yourself once a stores open and get the parent company to sign it, its not that easy.

If it were I’d be marching straight down Tesco with one and asking them to give me a shop. I think the proof of Chitter Chatter providing a franchise is the massive shop in the middle of a town centre to be honest.

Chitter Chatter made promise upon promise about looking after Vince and Yin money wise, then randomly upped their fee and did not send them any accounts, so they could not even see the shop was not sustainable.

Unfortunately, this part of town is now like Chernobyl. If Pizza Huts gone, you are in trouble. If you can’t sell people in Basildon £5 all you can eat buffets you cant sell them anything.

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