Hey Diddle Diddle Pet Food

Hey Diddle Diddle

Being able to treat my Mum and friends through my blog is great, but being able to treat my true loves, the cats, is even more amazing. So when Hey Diddle Diddle pet food offered to send a little treat box over for my furry friends I was obviously thrilled. Hey Diddle Diddle actually sent through the CUTEST box of treats with some pet food, a little bowl and a little mousey for the cats to play with and even some Pawsecco. My cats are actually really fussy with food. The funniest thing is that they will only eat Aldi cat food. Talk about easy to please!

We tried the cats with the Hey Diddle Diddle food and they absolutely loved it. Even Lily Allen (yes, that is my cats name) who rarely eats wet food, ate the whole bowl. Hey Diddle Diddle put a lot of effort into ensuring they use fresh, healthy ingredients that are good for your pets. I also like the fact that they separate the food by the age of your pet – mine are definitely not spring chickens any more and need some extra nutrition.

If we do ever get the cats premium cat food, it’s usually as a treat because it is so expensive. But Hey Diddle Diddle isn’t actually that much more expensive than the cat food we usually buy them, so we will definitely be switching to this when we see it available in our local supermarket.



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