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Metal Health Week is a great initiative to get people talking about mental health and how to help anxiety, but I feel the conversation dies down a bit once all of the awareness weeks are over. One of the biggest life changers for someone suffering from anxiety is finding things that work for them to manage it when it gets bad. I had quite a bad few days recently, and some of the tips I am going to share with you all that help anxiety for me. This book also helped me loads and it’s really cheap:
Anxiety: Panicking about Panic: A powerful, self-help guide for those suffering from an Anxiety or Panic Disorder (Panic Attacks, Panic Attack Book)


It won’t last forever

When the sky is falling you always think the worst will happen. It can be easy to think the anxious feeling will NEVER pass. I’m the worst for this. If I have a little anxious spell I can’t help thinking it is going to last for the rest of my life. But that’s the nature of anxiety isn’t it? Although your anxiety will make it really hard to believe, try and keep reminding yourself that you will feel better soon.

Distract yourself

I had a little anxious spell recently and I did the worst thing ever. I literally laid in bed all day feeling sorry for myself. People who suffer from mental health issues will know how physically draining it can be. I thought I didn’t have the energy for anything else but to watch box sets. But I knew deep down the best thing for me would have been to get out and do something. If I am in that situation again, I will take myself for a nice long walk. Exercise is a great way to stir up some positive endorphins. I’ve recently started walking to and from my overground train station as part of my commute to Covent Garden to work, and it improves my mood MASSIVELY. I also use a lot of relaxation music and here is one of my faves: Relaxation … Music for Your Mind, Body & Soul.


Remember there are others

One of the things that struck me the other day was how much the internet helps during anxious times. I know a lot of people say the internet is bad for mental health, linkbut it hasn’t been my experience at all. There are so many great blogs about mental health like Nicki’s Headcase Blog. Another blog I love is Beauty By The Bunny. Angela write excellently on all things beauty, but she often opens up about her mental health, which I find really helpful. I know the bigger bloggers all blog about mental health but I do find it hard to relate to them. Us civilians all have very different life to famous Youtubers and bloggers so it’s really helpful to find out other people just like you have similar struggles and how to overcome them.

As I say in all of my mental health related posts, if you are struggling just pop me a message on social media or email me on I’m not a trained mental health professional but I will always help anyone best I can.

Do for someone else

This is a great way for me to stop myself feeling anxious. Typical Pisces that I am, I love doing nice stuff for people. When you do something nice for someone else it will make you feel slightly bit better and probably a little bit less anxious. If I ever feel anxious or low, I look for little ways to brighten someone else’s day because I know how it feels. It could be something super simple like texting them to remind them you love them or something bigger like sending them a cute gift. Trust me, it works.

Think about your diet

This is more preventative, as thinking about your diet is quite a long term solution. But things like salmon can actually improve your mood fairly swiftly. Basically – the B vitamins are the little guys you want in your corner. I’m not going to go really deep into diet in this post because there are so many, far better researched and written articles on the internet. This one from Healthline , gives a pretty good overview. I’ve always known that my eating pattern is linked to my emotional pattern. It’s really weird as well because there is no “set standard” with me.

I range from not eating all day to eating everything in sight. Eating your feelings is definitely a real thing. If you are going through a bad patch try and take care of your body a bit more. Trust me, if you look after yourself physically your mind WILL start to follow.


Here is the biggy for me – giving up alcohol. I blog about this quite often. I’ve learned in the last 9 months that all I need to do to keep my mind heathy and happy is to basically not touch alcohol. There have been about 3 occasions where I have had a little slip up. But they serve to remind me how truly terrible alcohol makes me feel. In August 2017, I was miserable, weighed 12st 8, never seemed to have any money. I think I pissed everyone around me off for being a drunk nightmare. Fast forward to now. I weighed my self over the weekend and I now weigh 10st 2. This is by making no changes to my diet what so ever.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been walking from Fenchurch St to Covent Garden and back as part of my commute. Obviously the physical benefits are a great little bonus. My mental health has been so good since completely removing alcohol 9 months ago, I don’t even take medication for it. Rather than the good days being a nice exception, the good days are now all of the time and the bad days are the exception. I’m not writing this to be all “preachy’ to everyone (I know it does sound preachy though). I’m just saying this worked for me and it changed my life.

I see so many people moaning about not losing weight on social media, but they have a glass of wine in their hands most of the time. Alcohol is the most pointless calorie usage I have ever heard of. Another great added benefit is that I have actually managed to get a UK tan! Because I’m not hungover in bed all day feeling sorry for myself, I get up and out!




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