HairREV by YourREV – 15% Discount

How has your hair held up this party season? Treat yourself to a cut and colour? Washed it a bit too much because of all the work drinks and family parties?

It’s no secret that beauty comes from within, and that’s no different for your hair. The internet is filled with articles on foods and drinks and all sorts of weird and wonderful things that are good for your hair.

If you pop on down to you will find a product that saves all the drama and makes your hair look like it belongs to a celebrity. HairREV is a mixture of vitamins and goodness that you take every day for quick, noticeable results for your locks.

Even BETTER news for you all, Confessions of a Sober Essex girl has teamed up with them to get all you lovely readers 15% off.

Just use the code ‘kelly15’ at the checkout.


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