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A Greek cooking blogger event…

I’ve been horrendously lazy with my blog recently. There’s not really any excuse, but an endometriosis diagnosis and being severely anaemic takes it out of you. So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself on the Jet 2 PR list. Being on a travel companies PR list is the dream, right?

To celebrate Jet2 offering Parga and Lefkas holidays in 2020, they held a Greek cooking night at Jenius Social. Everyone knows how much I love eating, but can I get to the same level of professionalism when cooking? One thing that did concern me was how sharp the knives were. I’d never be allowed to use knives that sharp at home (spoken like someone who is 31 and lives at home with her Mum). I worked in Greece for a summer (as a kids club supervisor, would you believe it?) so I know my way around a bit of souvlaki, and I was more than excited to learn a bit more about the tricks of the trade when it comes to Greek cuisine.

Jenius Social is a cute little place in Holloway Road that is purpose-built for cooking lessons. On this particular day, my friend Lauren was going to have a BBQ this day but the weather was bad so she cancelled it. So I invited my Ghost Hunting girls to London and thought “if I deposit them in a pub to wait for me, what could go wrong?”. They were pretty drunk by the time we got there so I had to walk them to a pub miles out of the way to ensure they didn’t follow me to the blogging event. Can’t turn up to a posh blogger event with that pair of wrong’uns, because everyone will realise I’m one as well!

Jet2 Holidays Parga

The venue is great, there was enough space for 30 or so bloggers to get stuck into the cooking class. Obviously, we washed our hands and aproned up, then the teacher explained that she would show us a bit and then we would copy it. For me, one of my worst qualities has always been that I don’t listen so I had a lot of copying others to do during this particular activity. We started off with a Greek Salad. You might think that Greek Salad is just a case of throwing all of the ingredients in, but there are some little aspects to it that make it taste that little bit better. For example, did you know that it is the seeds in the cucumber that makes all of your other salads or bread go soggy? If you cut the seeds out your Greek Salad will last longer. Great little tip of the day there huh?

Jet2 Holidays Lefkas

I’m not going to run down in detail all of the things we cooked, but we also made stuffed peppers, Tsatsiki and Souvlaki. I made the really stupid comment that I didn’t realise they would let us eat it after. What I meant was I didn’t realise we’d be sitting down like in a proper meal setting and eating every dish. We also had a couple of extras. It was around about this time they announced we were going to start the quiz. And believe you me I was excited about it because the prize was a HOLIDAY.

As soon as the quiz got given to me I started it as I knew quite a few of the answers both from working in Greece and also just because I store irrelevant information in my brain. But then one of the ladies from Jet2 started reading the quiz out and I realised I had got way ahead of myself! So I waited with the rest of the bloggers and answered my questions when everyone else answered theirs. I was quietly confident with a few questions. Especially as I remembered that I had read a Wikipedia article a few days before and knew for a fact that Prince Philip was born in Corfu. I also get really cross with my Mum for telling me random stuff about the TV programmes she watches (note to Trace: if I wanted to know what was happening in Eastenders I’d watch it, wouldn’t I?), but it was down to this that I knew The Durrells was filmed in Corfu.

When they got marked I got 14 out of 21 which I didn’t think was very good. But then they started asking people to put their hands up and no-one had right down to 15. I realised I had won. I’m so grateful as I’m off to the Philippines again, in November so a summer holiday in 2020 wasn’t even on my radar due to budget.

Holidays to Parga and Lefkas

Flying into Preveza  with Jet2 gives you a gateway to the two beautiful destinations of Parga and Lefkas. If you are like me and you like to experience an authentic representation of the country you are visiting then both of these destinations will be perfect for you.

Parga holidays

Parga Jet2

If you take a stroll through Parga, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in the French Riviera. The colourful houses and the turquoise water are some of the key ingredients that make this one of the most Instagrammable destinations on earth. Although flights don’t start until 2020, you can book your holiday to Parga today!


Lefkas Jet2

Lefkas is a Greek island that you will start to see on savvy travel bloggers social media accounts soon, especially when Jet2 start offering holidays to Lefkas in 2020. In Greece, they have a saying “slowly slowly” (which actually means less, but I’m not going to get into that one), and you can tell Lefkas is a laid-back haven that encompasses this Greek vibe. Be honest, how much would you love to go to an untouched beach and not have to get elbowed by a million tourists while you are tanning?


So after reading this, I bet you are thinking two things? The first one is “I WANT TO BOOK A HOLIDAY IMMEDIATELY” (apologies to your bank balances huns), and surely the second is “what the hell happened to your drunk friends Lauren and Lisa?”. Well, shortly after arriving at Jenius social I received this:

When I went to collect them from the bar they had found, they had already convinced the lady that owns it to play Disney songs and drunk their weight in vodka, lime and lemonade. Our original plan to head off to Camden had to be cancelled because Lisa was too smashed and we tried to sell in in the toilet of the Wetherspoons in Kings Cross. Unfortunately, the lady who won the bidding (at a grand total of £8.50), quickly retracted her offer once she realised she had won.

*I was invited to a free cooking class by Jet2 to promote their two new destinations. The holiday I won in a competition and was not offered as any sort of compensation for content.

*2020 update

I’m all booked for June and Jet2 are sending me to a BEAUTIFUL resort in Lefkas.

Here’s the link if you want to be nosey:

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  1. Those stuffed peppers look amazing! You’ve officially inspired my evening dinner with this one as I haven’t had stuffed peppers in so long!

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