Great Dating Ideas In Cornwall

While Cornwall is known as a great tourist area for all of its attractions and its beautiful beaches – if you live there it can actually be hard to choose things to do.  Going to the beach on your first date isn’t exactly something you are going to be able to do if the weather is horrific – which is the case most of the time in the UK. If you are dating in Cornwall, it is likely that you have come up against this challenge. Luckily, there are a number of different places you can go whatever the weather and have an amazing first date.

Eat at a celebrity chef’s restaurant

Who would have thought that there were so many paces you could experience the culinary delights of famous chefs in Cornwall? Rick Stein has three restaurants on the peninsula, all of the details of which you can find here.  If you are Cornwall dating  and you have been put in charge of finding the perfect location there is also a Fifteen Restaurant by Jamie Oliver. Taking in the panoramic views of the beach while eating amazing seafood is the PERFECT first date idea for someone you are trying to impress with your culinary knowledge. A low key dinner is the perfect choice for a date because it will give you the opportunity to talk and actually get to know each other.

Make your own Cornish pasties

This is something that is a bit out there and different – but something that any Cornwall singles  will enjoy. There ate loads of different cookery schools and cafes in Cornwall that offer the unique experience of making your own Cornish pasty. Making a Cornish pasty correctly is a fine art – so make sure you get the vegetables that go in it right, or you could even have the EU on to you. Because there are so many different places that offer the chance to make the famous Cornish dish you will need to perform a search to find the closest one to you. Needless to say, it isn’t a good idea to wear your best outfit on this date.

Eden Sessions

Because of all of the fanfare associated with the Eden Projects opening, anyone from outside of Cornwall could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t there anymore as it seems to have faded away when it comes to press. Luckily not only is it still going strong but they also hold amazing concerts there. The great thing about dating sites  is that you are likely to find someone with similar interests to you. With artists at Eden Sessions including Massive Attack, Queens of the Stone Age and Jack Johnson – there is going to be something for every music fan. Although a sweaty gig isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, if it is this is the perfect place to get to know your music-loving date. You can check out the Eden Session line up page to find out what artists are playing and when, and also to buy tickets.


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