Glitterbox At The Printworks For My Birthday

Glitterbox London

(Me and my younger mates, “the kids” as I call them. I absolutely adore them. The nicest, funniest girls you could ever meet).

Glitterbox at the Printworks

I know I’m not 21 any more. Although I’ve given up alcohol this doesn’t necessarily mean I am boring. The event was two days after my birthday I knew I had found the perfect place to celebrate. So when most people reach the grand old age of 31, they are probably settled down or at least thinking about it. Well, I’m the complete opposite. I gathered my younger friends (you may remember them as the three delightful little funners I went to Boardmasters with). As Glitterbox sells out in the UK quickly as soon as I saw them on sale I snapped the tickets up. We booked into the London Docklands Doubletree Hilton (which impressed me so much it is getting its own post), and we were ready.

I didn’t actually realise it was a day thing until I was sitting with Laura (yes, you all know Laura from my Youtube) and I had a look at our tickets. Perfect. Nothing like a nice early night when you have to traipse home from the city the next morning.

There is an issue I suffer with, not sure if anyone else has it as well, but it’s called “losing my shit if we are running late”. So by the time the girls got into my turning I was shepherding them into the car. We were going to do my birthday cake, but we didn’t have time. None the less, Charlotte still returned from the toilet and asked if we had done the cake. Laura very thoughtfully got me a vegan birthday cake (much like THIS amazing cookie dough one I found on Amazon).

Yes Charlotte, we lit 31 candles and sang happy birthday and cut up and ate some birthday cake all in the time it took you to have a quick wee. (This is why we love Charlotte). The hotel didn’t have our room ready so we left our bags, dressed in the toilet and headed over. Sorry to anyone who may have encountered 4 half naked girls in the Hilton toilet, but a bit of Saturday afternoon growler never hurt anyone.


Ever since it opened I’ve wanted to go to the Printworks. In my time I’ve been to some seriously amazing venues.I think the city is missing out on decent rave venues. (Apart from Fabric and 93ft East). Nothing has been the same since Turnmills shut really has it? Printworks is a huge industrial space. My mate Meg described it as “being in a huge dust bin” which sounds about right because I am SO trashy. There a little outdoor area as well. This served the purpose of housing food places. Many a time have I been to a rave and thought “oh, wow a vegan hot dog would really spice up my life right now”.

I get the argument for having purpose-built clubs like Ministry of Sound that have specific sound systems and are dedicated to all things house music.The Printworks, as an all round event venue lent itself really well to this kind of thing. The toilets weren’t even that gross. I also managed not to fall on a flusher like I did at Rainbow.

Entering Printworks for the first time is something to marvel at. The space is huge and the ceilings are really high. This was great for me as I have been to some raves in the past which made me feel a bit claustrophobic.


One of my main reasons for wanting to go to Glitterbox plays disco, which is a lot less offensive to first time ravers than the weird techno I listen to. There’s always a good atmosphere in house events (mainly due to everyone being off their face), but Glitterbox is next level. Expect to find glitter (obviously), scantily clad dancers and tunes that make even the most nervous of dancers get on the floor. It’s always been a regret of mine that I haven’t been to Glitterbox in Ibiza, but there is still time, I’m not past my sell-by date just yet. This is possibly the only event I’ve ever been to that can get away with playing 90s tunes in the middle of a house set and it not sounding cheesy. It was an absolutely amazing day, and the best birthday ever.

Getting to the Printworks

Nearest tube is Canada Water.

Bus N10 goes right past it.

Bit of a walk from bus stop.


Staying overnight? We stayed at the DoubleTree Hilton Docklands and it was AMAZING.

Have you ever been to Glitterbox? Would love to hear about it in the comments.

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