Get A Drip B12 Injection Review

*This B12 injection was gifted to me in exchange for a review. However, I will be continuing to use them every month as a paying customer.

To clarify, I am not a medical professional. If we lived in a world where I was a medical professional, it would literally be the apocalypse because I can’t even butter bread. I’m giving you an honest review of something that worked for me.

B12 Injection

I’m terrified of needles. The reason why is probably one of my favourite stories. A few years ago, while I was working in Greece as a kids club supervisor on the Sani Resort, I had to have my toe sewn back on. I tell this story in interviews, when I meet new people and I think I’ve even said it in a presentation. This and the story of changing my friends name without her knowing by deed poll are probably my two most entertaining life stories. I basically stubbed my toe on a huge rock and it has such impact that it tore off. As you can imagine having the anaesthetic injected into the open wound before the stitches was the most painful thing ever. Therefore, I avoid needles like the plague.

Unfortunately my lifelong boycott of needles had to come to an end at some point around a year ago. I started to feel poorly and found it embarrassingly difficult to get up the stairs at the tube station. A blood test later, and I was diagnosed as being anaemic. Not like, eat some spinach anaemic. All of my levels were under half of what they should be. I was given some iron tablets and sent for every test under the sun apart from an ultrasound. It wasn’t until about two months ago, I put the two and two together about the times of the months I was ill and demanded to be tested for endometriosis, which it turns out I have. Frustratingly, all the Doctor did was give me the pill and send me on my way. Nothing for the crippling pain or the tiredness that goes right down into your bones. It was literally a case of “here are some tablets, off you go”.

So on one of my wanders a while ago in Westfield, I saw Get A Drip. Like everything I see, I stored it into my brain for a later date. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I sent a tweet with a bit of a moan about being so tired all of the time that I realised Get A Drip could help me. Many people suggested getting a B12 injection. B12 can help a number of things like mood, energy levels and brain function. A few emails later and next thing I know, I am in the chair having the most quick and painless needle ever.

I felt the benefits fairly soon after. Waking up in the morning since I have been unwell has been the biggest struggle ever. The morning after my B12 injection I can’t say I sprung out of bed because, who does that?, but the entire process was a lot less depressing. I used to use my time on the commute to blog and catch up on freelance work, but since I started to become ill I just sleep. We’re back to using the time constructively now as I am not so tired. Recently I have had to say no to a lot of blogging events because I’m so tired all of the time, but this month I managed to attend a great blogging event in London run by Jet2. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my mood and energy levels. In fact, I only fantasise about killing people on the train chewing with their mouths open around once a week now rather than every day, so that it a huge improvement. When I get in of an evening, I actually have the energy to do things rather than just needing to put myself to bed. I’ve even been managing to do things socially on weeknights now. This has been a no-no for about a year, so there is a definite improvement to my lifestyle after the B12 injection.

You can read more about the benefits of B12 on the Get A Drip website.




  1. August 13, 2019 / 8:15 am

    My doctors recommended I get a B12 injection because my actual B levels are super low, I’ve only read good things so I’m looking forward to it

    • kellyjackson2102
      August 13, 2019 / 8:22 am

      Hope it helps! I’m actually going to get energy IV this month rather than just the b12. Keep me posted on how you get on, it’s been a lifesaver for me

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