Garden Update (July)

Garden Update (July)

So as you might remember, I had some pretty specific garden goals for this summer. Last year I tried to create a summer holiday in my garden vibe because of lockdown, ended up spending loads on a pool, and never getting the weather to use it. So this year, we decided to get something that we’d actually be able to use a little bit more, and invest in a hot tub. Because of how uneven our garden is, we decided to get decking where our patio was and create a new patio area, which I think I covered in my May update. Now that we have finally had a bit of good weather, we’ve managed to paint the decking and get the hot tub up.

We chose a dark colour for the decking which looks nice, but it currently doesn’t match anything else in the garden. It would be nice to pain the fence panels the same colour, but that is a bit of a huge job isn’t it?

Although the “new” patio bit has been created, and we have made a little BBQ area, we still need to do a few final bits and get a few more finishing touches done before we would class this as “finished”.

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