Foley’s, London

Do you know what the picture is of?

Yes, it’s of the menu at Foley’s, London. But why on earth am I showing you a picture of the menu at Foley’s?

Well, it’s because the food was so nice, I couldn’t wait to eat it, so taking hundreds of Instagram pictures and letting the food get cold was not on the menu. I visited Foley’s, London this lunch-time, and was lucky enough to be taken by someone who we are a client of so we got to try a LOT of the menu. C’est Bon!

Although I am no longer a vegetarian, I am still a lover of veg. Broccoli and I go way back. Little trees have always pleased. So when I saw that they did charred broccoli naturally I was going to try it. I always wonder how you do chargrill broccoli. My broccoli comes out so soft in my steamer I’m certain I would set fire to my kitchen chargrilling it. Well lucky for Foley’s, London they manage to make the broccoli delightfully chargrilled without starting a fire. The Neri Goma dressing looks a bit intimidating at first but once you understand it is a kind of Asian tahini you can rest and enjoy the accompanying subtle chilli flavouring. Now why I have never thought of spicing up my broccolis life at home with chilli I will never know – but I shall be doing it soon.

Next up on the “try as much as we can because we were not paying menu” was the grilled cabbage. Yes. I’m aware that you are probably thinking this is the most un-exciting menu ever. Well the bold addition of peanuts, pesto and tamarind actually makes this a very exciting cabbage. One of the things that I love about Foley’s is that the flavours are not easily described. The coriander and ginger in most of the dishes give it that amazing, fresh, clean Asian taste, but there are definitely some surprises in there.

The meat dishes, for me, were the stand-out, stars of the show. We tried both the Char Siu Roast Lamb 24 Grilled mochi flatbread and the BBQ Adobo Short Ribs 26 Atchara pickle & spiced coconut vinaigrette. I have family in the Philippines and I have been there a number of different times, so I claim to be a bit of an Adobo aficionado. This was a good Adobo. You’ll find a lot of places over-do the soy sauce so you kind of get left with the impression Adobo marinade is just as thrilling a flavour as the chow mein at your local Chinese takeaway. What Foley’s do incredibly well is get the BALANCE of flavours right. Because let’s face it, any idiot can follow a recipe (aside from my Mum, who even manages to spectacularly balls-up those jar pasta sauces), but it is hard to get the right mix of flavours so as not to overwhelm the glorious tenderness of the beef. Oh my was this beef tender. The lamb was similarly cooked to perfection. Real melt in your mouth stuff that was produced far to quickly to have been cooked at an earlier time and reheated. If you want to eat fresh, eat at Foley’s.

Now let’s talk about Kale. Kale falls into the same category as Avocado for me. Do I like it? No. Do I hate it? No. Do I think it tastes of anything? Not really, no. I have the same relationship with Kale. I will absolutely eat it because I know it is really good for me. Have I ever expected to have my mind blown by Kale? It’s a no from me.

But Foley’s BLEW MY MIND with Kale. So here’s the craic. They cook it with XO sauce and beef fat. Foley’s basically trick you into thinking you are eating a fillet steak while eating Kale and I FOR ONE LOVE IT. Now not only is my mind blown by the Kale, but my mind is blown by the fact my mind is blown by Kale. Next time you are looking for an explosion of flavours, give Foley’s a visit. You won’t be disappointed. We also ordered the Aubergine Bao Buns but didn’t have time to try them. To be honest I just like saying Bao Buns and also think they look like bumbags. 

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