Finding The Perfect Diamonds

*This post was written in collaboration Lark & Berry

Lark & Berry

(This set is beautiful and very nearly made me spend my Mum present budget on myself).

If you are wondering how I got into finding the perfect diamonds, it’s because Christmas just comes around so quickly doesn’t it? Because I have just been on a long-haul holiday I was finding it really hard to get my head around Christmas, until I got on the plane and realised I needed to pull my finger out on my Mum’s main present. Every year, I get my Mum a huge surprise present she doesn’t know she is getting (well, every year since I started working in advertising and actually earning decent money). The year before last I got an unexpected bonus so I got her a Michael Kors bag and purse. Last year, I got her an Oscar De La Renta scarf. A few months back she told me she had never owned any real diamond jewellery in her life, and that made me really sad. if anyone deserves to own something this fancy, it is my Mum. So this is how i got involved in finding the perfect diamonds. If you are going diamond shopping there are a few things to take into consideration.

Finding the perfect diamonds – are they ethical and sustainable?

Let’s be honest, the diamond industry isn’t known for being ethical or sustainable in general. Not only are there instances of people who work in diamond mines being mistreated and under paid, mined diamonds have been used to support things like war and terrorism. Diamond mining is also bad for the environment. I know what you are thinking. How on earth do you get diamonds without mining them? Well, companies like Lark & Berry use something called “cultured” diamonds. With technology and science working together, Lark & Berry are actually able to GROW their diamonds. This means no harm to humans or the environment.

Lark & Berry

(Diamonds are different at Lark & Berry)

Finding the perfect diamonds – is your chosen product available?

I found a diamond website the other day and really liked what they were about. But when I looked through the products they didn’t actually do earrings, which is what I had my heart set on for my Mum. You’ll need to make sure your diamond seller does the product you want before you start looking into the information about them. If it is diamond rings you are after, put it in the search bar and look for all of the matching products. Do not get distracted reading the “about us” section first as you might find an ethical company you love but not be able to use them.

Diamond Rings

(Is it weird to buy yourself a diamond ring? Asking for a friend?)

Finding the perfect diamonds – which carat are you going for?

Another important one to consider. You don’t want to find an amazing product that is exactly what you are looking for, only to realise they only do it in a smaller or larger carat to the one you wanted. Diamonds are an investment so it is absolutely vital to get every last thing you want correct.

Lark & Berry


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