Fiesta Fields at Spirit Lake

Fiesta Fields Spirit Lake

As we all know from my Instagram, I get to do a LOT of cool stuff through work. When I first started, I was told there is a yearly conference, which is basically a holiday abroad. This year our office actually moved into the Television Centre which must have been SERIOUSLY expensive, so we were told that we’d be going on a little glamping trip/mini-festival. This suited me fine, as I love a weekend away in the UK. People that meet me probably think I’m really high maintenance at first but I actually LOVE camping. I lived in a tent for 3 months when I worked in France. When we got the email to say we’d be going to an event by Fiesta Fields at Spirit Lake I was super excited because it looks so cute in the picture. I actually managed 5 days of proper camping at Boardmasters last year

I was actually a little bit anxious about being away from home with work people. Not many people from my own team went and I’ve recently been diagnosed with endometriosis so my physical health hasn’t been the best. But as soon as the coach pulled up to Fiesta Fields, my anxiety turned to excitement.  Once you pass the main house you walk through the woods to a clearing and a beautiful lake. I’m not sure how Fiesta Fields do the set up for other events, but we had a huge tent with a stage and food in the walled garden area (which was handily where my bell tent was located so I didn’t need to go far for food), and then there was an area just before the lake with mobile bars, the huge dining tent with the main stage and then the campfire area. As well as that, there were more bell tents situated around the lake. I found it amazing to find somewhere this picturesque exists just over an hour outside of London.

We had a few hours of team games, things like an egg and spoon race etc which I think were run by an external company. My team chose a “zoo” theme so you can imagine how hard it was to take myself seriously in a leopard print catsuit that made me look like Kat Slater. When it came to the obstacle course I climbed the inflatable climbing wall, but instead of sliding down the other side I just threw myself over. This resulted in me landing on my head on the grass the other side. Remember that, it’s an important part of the story later.  Seeing as I didn’t want to let my teammates down I just carried on. I think we came 5th overall which is a bit disappointing. I always hate coming 4th or 5th. It’s like, your not shit enough for it to be funny but you didn’t win. We had a bit of free time before dinner so I chilled out in my tent. The bells tents provided were amazing and they had ACTUAL beds in them rather than just camp beds and sleeping bags.

Dinner was served at 7pm, and there was a huge tent with 16 dinner tables and a stage for the band that were going to play later. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed that they managed to serve us a three-course meal in the middle of a field! The food was pretty good as well. I usually get great pictures of my food but I was actually really hungry and ate it before I remembered to take any. After dinner a band did “rockoke” which is basically karaoke but instead of an instrumental track as the backing you are backed by the band. I must admit I did look at the song list but there wasn’t any Celine Dion or Little Mix so it wasn’t a bit of me. After that the band played for a while and people dispersed a bit. I sat with a couple of people around the individual fires. This was by far one of the coolest parts of the night. Basically there was a huge area with individual fire pits and hay bales to sit around them. After cracking valium all day because I was so anxious about the event and seeing as I don’t drink – I was happy to finish off the night chilling out around these.

The non-drinking fared me well the next morning, being one of the only ones with a fresh head. But luckily, Fiesta Fields had thought of everything, they even included a breakfast of bacon rolls and strong coffee! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend having an event here, and I can see how it would be a beautiful wedding venue.


Going camping soon? Here are my top five camping essentials

Off Mosquito Repellant

I found this in The Philippines, and I absolutely swear by it. You really can’t argue with £4.46 per bottle and it works incredibly well.


I absolutely cannot stress to you the importance of having a pair of scissors if you are going camping. They really are an absolute essential.


Trust me if you are going camping you are going to want to take as many wipes as possible. Pack as many as you can humanly fit in your bag. Especially if you are going somewhere without shower facilities. They are a life saver.

Head torch 

Hear me out on this one. They might look a bit stupid, but you can’t imagine how useful it is to have a light source and still have both hands free. Just buy one and thank me later.


Not sure about you, but a mirror really is an essential for camping. Sleeping in a tent absolutely will NOT stop me from doing my make-up.

**I visited Fiesta Fields as a paying customer. They are not affiliated with this review in any way and this post is not sponsored. This page and blog theme contains affiliate advertising.

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