Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin IV’s

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a Doctor and I am not suggesting for one second that you use a vitamin IV in place of medical treatment. All I am doing is telling you of my own experience. Any good vitamin IV practitioner will have a consultation with you and discuss the pros and cons at length before they offer you this as a treatment.

*2020 UPDATE: I had my first blood test in January 2020 after 6 months of vitamin iv’s and I am no longer anaemic.

You might have read recently that I had an Essex vitamin IV at Collagen Aesthetics. Also, if you have me on any form of social media you will know that my endometriosis has left me severely anaemic, because I’ve never been so poorly in my life and it’s all I bang on about. But when you are too ill to do anything, guess what the only thing is that you have to talk about? Yep, you guessed it. Being ill! As you can imagine, after I had been gifted a vitamin IV in exchange for my previous review, I was keen to carry it on. I’ve never found a private treatment in my life that has worked so well for one of my various health problems, and believe me, I’ve had a LOT of health problems. People can look at vitamin injections or IV’s and think they are expensive, but you could easily do the price of them in one night out. I’ll be clearing up a few questions about them on my Youtube shortly, but I also wanted to write a blog post to explain more about them.

What are vitamin IV’s?

Vitamin IV’s are treatments where vitamins are given to you intravenously. That means a cannula is inserted into your arm and the vitamin drip is attached to it. Throughout a set time, the vitamin liquid goes into your bloodstream.

What vitamins are in vitamin IV’s?

Vitamin IV’s differ in what vitamins they contain. When you have your consultation. you’ll be able to speak to the person administering your IV about what you hope to achieve from it. When I had my first vitamin IV at Collagen Aesthetics I spoke to Julieann in depth about all of my health issues. For the first one I had an increased dose of b12 and vitamin C. After I told Julieann about being on iron tablets for a year and them doing sweet FA, she suggested some b12. She was right. You feel the effects of the IV instantly and when I skipped in to my friends BBQ after even they remarked on how much energy I had (or in our language, how much more do-y I was. I even emptied the clean stuff out of my mates dishwasher and put the dirty stuff in). The second time I went I had the Recovery IV. This has more or less every vitamin under the sun in it and it’s a great all rounder. The best thing about having ongoing treatment with one person is that they can tailor everything to your needs. While there wasn’t as much b12 in this one, all of the other main vitamins were present. For my third treatment I had a glucose drip and a b12 shot. Again, the effects are instant.

How long do vitamin IV’s take?

All of the vitamin IV’s I have had take around half an hour, although this could vary by the provider. One of the reasons I love Collagen Aesthetics so much is because their vitamin IV room is lovely. They have nice comfy beds and Netflix. I was thrilled when I went in for my second one as I was in the middle of my Top Boy binge so I managed to get an episode in while I was having the treatment.

How much are vitamin IV’s?

Again, this varies on the provider. Most range between £80 – £130. I’d advise having a chat first about what exact vitamins you think you need.

Can you just have an injection?

You can indeed. There are multiple injections available for all of the different vitamins. If you are keen to see if this is something that could help you, it might be worth trying an injection first to see if this is something worthwhile for you.


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