There are a few things I like about Essex, and a few things I don’t. I’m not a massive fan of the ‘Basildon’ sign, and seeing as I live here I have to pass it pretty often.

Even though I live more or less behind it, I can’t say I would ever enjoy a night out over the festival Leisure park, or ‘Bas Vegas’ as the music is atrocious and the clientele are worse. When I took my friend from Walsall down there for dinner she actually asked why we were in a giant car park.

To be honest though, there is one massive bug bear I have about Essex, and that’s the stereotype people from all over the country give us. Watching ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ and assuming that this is 100% reality and everyone from Essex only cares about spray tans, seems to be a hobby for some.

Thousands of jokes circulate about Essex girls being ‘loose’, while actually most of the people I know are happily settled in long term relationships. We don’t all run around cheating on each other, remember TOWIE is a TV show set up to create drama.

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