Essex Vitamin IV At Collagen Aesthetics

*This post was written in exchange for a gifted Essex vitamin IV that was personalised to my circumstances.

Essex Vitamin IV

If I learned one thing after I recently had a b12 injection privately, it’s that the world and his wife seem to have an opinion on vitamin injections and IV’s. It boggles my mind that people (and the majority of “people” are healthy people that do not need them whatsoever) can argue against something that not only works, but steps in to help people when the NHS fails them. One of the reasons I have been exploring vitamin treatment privately is because I have been severely anaemic for the last year due to endometriosis. After having just the b12 injection I needed to find an Essex Vitamin IV so that I can get down for them more regularly. Seeing as all the Doctor keeps doing is giving me iron tablets that don’t work and blood tests I was glad to find Collagen Aesthetics.

Granted, I love eating, but aside from this I am usually a healthy adult. As you can imagine, it has been unpleasant for me to be so unwell recently, especially as there has been no end in sight. All my doctor seems to want to do is send me for blood test after blood test to pretty much reconfirm that I am severely anaemic. After the success of the b12 injection, I was keen to try vitamin IV’s. Collagen Aesthetics are located in Leigh-on-Sea on the Broadway. This is a perfect location to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon anyway, so if you are from a bit further out like me you could probably make a day of it. You know how it is. Get an ice cream, walk by the sea, get a vitamin drip, as you do.

The clinic is immaculate and the room they carry out the IV procedure in has super comfy beds and also a screen with Netflix on it. Companies that make comfort a priority are always a winner in my eyes. When you arrive for a vitamin IV, you have to fill out quite a bit of paperwork about your medical history, so arrive in time to do this. It was a lot more in-depth than when I had a b12 injection because it is an IV, but I am glad of this because this means the clinic take customer safety seriously. Julieann spent ages chatting to me beforehand and explained loads to me about b12 and how it works and also a few things about the iron tablets I am currently taking. This is where I would like to make the point to everyone who has something negative to say about vitamin IV’s that it really is the NHS they should be pointing the finger at. If my Doctor had bothered offering me any form of b12 therapy himself when I am quite clearly deficient in it, I wouldn’t have needed to explore private options, would I?

To be clear, I’m terrified of needles. You’ll know this story if you know me as it is my favourite one to tell (apart form changing my friends middle name to Fanny Growler without her knowing by deed poll), but I had to have my toe sewn back on when I worked in Greece. They injected the anaesthetic into the open wound so it’s fair to say I’m not a huge fan of injections. But the staff at the clinic made me feel so relaxed, I even sent my Mum, who usually stays with me for injections, for a little mooch around the charity shops of Leigh. The vitamin IV take half an hour. It sounds like quite a long time, but it actually goes really quickly. Less than an episode of Top Boy, basically.

The great thing about a clinic like Collagen Aesthetics is that they view your treatment as ongoing until they have helped you. I’m back for my second IV at the end of September, and I can’t wait to see how ongoing treatment helps my health conditions.

For anyone that is suffering a reproductive issue, this book, “Beyond the Pill” is AMAZING.

*just to caveat I am obviously not a Doctor (shocker). Please do not take my advice as the advice of a medical professional, because I am not one.

3 thoughts on “Essex Vitamin IV At Collagen Aesthetics

  1. I have had B 12 injections and found them to be extremely helpful with my overall energy and stress management. I’m glad you found something that could possibly help your health. Good luck and I hope everything works out well for you.

  2. How are you feeling ? Just been swotting up on your comments for my dissertation only 39000 words to go . . Did you really change your friends name by deed pole ha ha I love it that’s really made me giggle . I’m quite enjoying this Twitter and people’s honest reactions.. or just people reacting . No one from Leigh actually talks to you unless it’s about themselves. Nooo delete this Oops turrets. Charity shops are the best hear I actually picked up a black bag thrown on the back of the drive at the clinic been there a week . We have rear parking by the way . It was full of clothes so took them over the road to one of the many charity shops who refused the contents !! Bet the pre loved clothes shop would have taken them.
    . I’m off to get branding and lots more be ready !!
    Happy Sunday
    And thank you

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