Endura Roses

One of the things I love so much about blogging is that it exposes me to a number of different companies that I may not have come across myself, like Endura Roses. Endura Roses recently opened up a store in Lakeside, which is quite close to me, so I went down to find out more about them. Where Endura Roses differ from other companies is that they actually preserve their flowers so they last forever. This means that when they create products like bridal bouquets they can be kept, rather than dying and having to be thrown away.

Endura Roses use florists and designers to create beautiful, bespoke arrangements and then preserve them using their unique technique. They also have a number of ready-made products that would make a beautiful gift, especially if you have someone who is quite hard to buy for. I feel like flowers are quite universal, so the fact that they last more or less forever is a great added benefit. If you can’t actually get down to one of the stores, they have a great online shop with a wide selection of products available https://enduraroses.com/shop/. If you do not see anything you like, contact them to find out if they can create something for you.

Endura Roses Lakeside

*a free gift was given in exchange for this review.


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