Endometriosis – Things That Can Help A Flare Up

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(Here I am with my girls absolutely NOT letting my endometriosis bother me)

Realistically, being diagnosed with endometriosis isn’t a good thing. But I do like to try and see small bits of good in everything, especially seeing as being unwell has made me so miserable over the last few months. One of the things I have learned over the last couple of months is how valuable sharing information is. By joining Facebook groups and looking at online forums and other sufferers blogs, I’ve found loads of info about things that could potentially help me when I am suffering. So in order to pass it on, I wanted to create a post about some of the things I have found that help. Remember I’m not a medical doctor though. I’m just telling you what works for me, and if you do suspect you have endometriosis or you have it and it is getting worse please see your doctor ASAP.


Heat always helps me a bit with the pain. I wouldn’t say it alleviates it completely, but it is certainly a help if you don’t want to take strong painkillers. I appreciate it isn’t necessarily convenient to walk about work with a hot water bottle, so I use a wheat heat bag. This is an absolute lifesaver, I can tell you. It’s not too much of a faff to use it in the office either, as you just microwave it. The link to the exact one I have is below, but you can get them in other places online or in shops.


A little while ago, I tried CBD oil for my anxiety and endometriosis pain. I didn’t know I had endometriosis at the time, and to be honest the CBD oil did little for the pain. But a bit later on I found out the CBD oil I got from Holland & Barrett wasn’t very strong at all. I ended up ordering a high strength one online (again before I knew the pain was down to endometriosis) and it worked really well. It was a great “one sized fits all” solution to both my anxiety and also my pain. You can get the one I got on Amazon, but quite a few speciality CBD oil shops are springing up now as well.

Vitamin IV’s

If you follow me on social media you will know how much I love vitamin IV’s. I recently wrote a separate blog about them. I think this treatment is worth every single penny. One of the worst things for me with my endometriosis is the fact I was severely anaemic for nearly a year. All the Doctor kept doing was testing my iron levels and telling me to keep taking the Ferrous Sulphate he gave me. It seemed to do absolutely nothing. I tried a B12 injection on a whim as someone on Twitter mentioned they were good for anaemia. I’ve started to go to Collagen Aesthetics in Leigh-on-Sea for a vitamin IV every two-weeks and it has given me my life back. After I had the first one I cried tears of relief because I was so grateful I had found something that made me feel better after a year of feeling terrible. At the moment I am putting together a Youtube video with Collagen Aesthetics and how vitamin IV’s work.


There are loads of articles out there that tell you which foods you can eat to stop endometriosis flaring up. We all know by now dairy pretty much kills me off so I try to avoid it where possible. I will tell you what the biggest diet/lifestyle change was for me though: giving up alcohol. I initially gave up alcohol because it was triggering off my anxiety. But then the weight started to fall off and my skin started to clear and the teetotal thing seemed appealing. Two years have passed since I gave up alcohol and I have gone down from 12st 8lbs to 9st 4lbs and believe you me I still eat ANYTHING I want.

TENS Machine

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can alleviate the pain that comes from endometriosis. I haven’t actually ever used one, but loads of articles state that using one is really helpful. If the pain ever gets really bad I would consider looking into one of these. Especially as once you buy it once you have it forever.


I also got recommended this book a while back called “Beyond the Pill” and it has really changed my mindset.


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