Encona Sauces – Smokey Jalapeno and Brazilian BBQ

One of the many thing’s I love about being a blogger is getting sent food. Basically if I can eat it, listen to it or read it I’m fairly happy. I’ve tried some Encona sauces before, and I am actually one of those people that likes to have some sort of spicy sauce at all times. I went through a phase of carrying Tabasco around with me for quite some time (the only reason I don’t now is because if you’ve ever nearly blinded yourself by touching your eye after touching Tabasco you’ll get my drift). I’m also usually the victim of people thinking they are hilarious and using the ever so boring joke ‘do you want some food with that sauce?’. I put sauce on everything, weirdly, even cheese and crackers. So Encona sent me a couple to try and I’ve gone through a two week phase of putting Smokey Jalapeno or Brazilian BBQ on EVERYTHING.

Smokey Jalapeno

This was my favorite of the two, and is basically like a  spicy BBQ sauce. You’ll have to ask someone who isn’t a weirdo what it goes with as I’ll literally put it on anything, but it went really well with chicken. I should imagine this would liven up wraps and fajita’s quite substantially.

Brazilian BBQ

The Brazilian BBQ sauce is slightly more spicy and tangy than the Japapeno one. I’m actually massively hard and spicy food doesn’t bother me so I smothered this all over my plain rice and it was exceptional. I’d recommend this one for people that like a bit of a kick.

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