Drake at the O2

Drake at the O2

As I scrolled through the various raffle prizes for a raffle someone at work put on to raise Money for charity for their marathon run, nothing immediately jumped out at me. The main prize was two tickets to see Drake at the O2 which was a great prize but I wouldn’t say I was a super-fan. The majority of the rest were alcohol and I don’t drink so there wasn’t a massive incentive to part with £10 of my Pret fund.

“Give the drink to us” the girls all said on the group chat. Yeah alright. Because after how badly behaved you all were at the spa I’m really going to ply you with free alcohol when we go glamping aren’t I?

None the less, as it was for charity, I got a ticket. That rounded off my total Just Giving spend to £70 last month. Yep, more money than sense. As I am perpetually unlucky I didn’t think I had a hope in hell of winning the Drake tickets, so when my manager told me I had won them I thought he was just on a wind up.

But won them I had.

So if you get unexpected free tickets to see the man who wears million dollar outfits, you obviously take your best friend who happens to be a massive fan. I always say one of the reasons I love my job perks and blog perks is the fact I can treat my friends, it’s not just because of all of the amazing stuff I get for myself. My friend Lindsey and I also realised that we haven’t actually been out together alone for years. Probably since school actually. Now the best word to describe me and Lindsey at school would probably be “troublemakers”. We weren’t horrible to anyone, we just have our own really weird sense of humour that not a lot of other people understand.

We tend to find things funny that no one else on this earth finds amusing. For example, I was telling Lindsey how C2C rail mug me off when I tweet them questions because I usually tweet them abuse. So she dared me to tweet them “I’m on your train what are you going to do about it”.

C2C Rail

Anyway we arrived at the O2 really early so that we could take our time having dinner. We actually went to the Harvester in the O2 and I must say it was wonderful. I’m not usually the biggest fan of the Harvester but the food in this one was really good and the service was excellent. It had got to about 5pm by now and Lindsey decides she wants us to go bowling. If I learned anything about myself last Friday it is that I am TERRIBLE at bowling. I didn’t even manage to get a strike with the bumpers up!

London Lifestyle Blogger

We had to pick our tickets up at the box office so as you can imagine the anticipation of where we were sitting was killing us. Luckily we got our tickets an found out we were in block 112. Basically we were 5 rows from the front. In fact, if we had a REALLY long stick we could have touched Drake.There was a support act on first called Tory Lane who is NOT a she and who I definitely don’t have on my Spotify. But I guess he is pretty famous because when work people asked me who was supporting and I said “someone named Tory Lanez” they laughed at me.

Tiffany Calver DJ’d before Drake came on and she was amazing! I’ll be looking out for events she’s DJ’ing at in London for sure. Evidently she is good enough to be DJing for Drake at the O2 so I don’t know why I haven’t heard of her before now. If you do one thing today please look this girl up. She is so talented, she is smashing it in a predominantly male industry and also she is fucking BEAUTIFUL.

I wouldn’t exactly have said I would go out and buy Drake’s album but there are a number of his songs that I really like. He definitely got the crowd going early on with “Started From The Bottom”. His newer songs are the ones I know better so I was glad he did a mix. He is the first rapper I’ve seen live and I was pleasantly surprised with how good he was live. Not just the rapping, he has actually got a really good singing voice too. Obviously wasn’t going to turn down a free concert but consider me converted. I’ll be going to see him again no matter how much the tickets cost. 

The highlight of my night was seeing how absolutely embarrassing some white people are. It was like watching a nature programme. When we got there my friend said “I hope it’s not going to be a bit too ghetto for us and scary” and I was like “nah it will just be all Fiat 500 Twitter girls”, and guess what? It was! Although as a London lifestyle blogger I probably fall into the most basic of basic bitch categories.

To be honest with you it’s quite lucky I am here to tell the tale as I spent the majority of the night pointing out people doing their Instagram modelling in front of the O3 sign and shouting “SEE LOOK, FIAT 500 TWITTER”.

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