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dim t, Charlotte Street

dim t

(The Pad Thai at dim t – one of my favourites)

It is an absolute travesty that I haven’t reviewed dim t yet. Not only is it one of my favourite places near our office but last week I visited for the third time. So there really isn’t any excuse for me not to shout about how wonderful it is. dim t is nestled halfway up Charlotte Street. It’s pretty easy to find unless you are me who forgets where it is every single time you go. As we are often in a large groups we usually get sat on the back table, which is huge. I absolutely love this table. There are skylights above it and even in the horrible weather, there is something so comforting about eating and socialising in natural daylight.

The menu at dim t is pretty varied, and fans of Asian food can find all of their favourites. You may have read my recent guide on dairy-free restaurants in London, and although I didn’t include dim t, there is plenty on the menu here for vegans and vegetarians. You can view the full menu on their website but be warned: even if you are certain on what you want before you go, you might get side-tracked by what your mate orders. I ordered the char sui roast pork buns from the dim sum menu to come out at the same time everyone else had their small eats. I really don’t know what word I can use to describe the buns at dim t, other than fluffy. Yes, I know that doesn’t give you much to go on. So here is a picture of them:

dim t

As you can imagine after seeing these two little treasures, everyone at the table regretted ordering what they did and promptly got some buns in. I’m aware that steamed buns have become a bit of a “thing” recently, but I’d not tried them until recently. You can now safely call me a convert, I love them. In fact, if anyone has any good recommendations on places that do a good steamed bun in London or Essex please leave a comment!

You’ll find all of the main courses you know and love on the menu at dim t. tom yum soup, gyoza Soup, katsu curry, sweet & sour chicken etc. But my favourite dish at dim t is the phad thai. Phad thai is a pretty simple dish, but done correctly it’s a stunning example of all of the flavours that make up Thai cuisine. They get the beansprout to noodle ratio really right at dim t which makes me really happy because every time I make a stir-fry dish at home I overdo the beansprouts and it’s too crunchy.

I’m not really one for dessert, but there is one more thing to shout about at dim t.

They have a pretty good tea selection, served, naturally, in an authentic Asian teapot. I had the Oolong on this visit and it didn’t disappoint. I’m not one for things that are too sweet so the floral flavours in Oolong suit my pallette perfectly.

A meal for two at dim t will cost around £60 with drinks.

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