Cocotte, Notting Hill

Cocotte Notting Hill

(This picture was taken from Cocotte’s website because I was too busy stuffing my face to take any)

As someone who shuns all responsibility, large or small, you can imagine that tasks like picking where to go for lunch fill me with dread. When the onus fell on me to pick somewhere nice in Notting Hill I asked around and was given a few options. As a London lifestyle, a blogger who writes a LOT of food content you would think I would know my way around West London’s finest eating establishments, but the truth is I don’t. As I live in Essex I know a lot around there, but I do not think until I move to London next year, I will be much help in restaurant choices. Our DSP was taking us as well so I didn’t want to be the sort of person to take advantage and pick somewhere that charges you £150 for one truffle French fry.

I came across Cocotte as I was searching and I was taken aback at how simple the concept is. I like simple. Simple and I are partners in crime, due to both of our inherent dislike for the unnecessary. The menu consists of mostly chicken, and unlike more expensive places it wasn’t outrageous, or fussy, it was just well-cooked, delicious chicken dishes. If you will, a posh Nandos. Now I love Nandos so ultimately a posher version of it is a dream come true for me.

Situated on Westbourne Grove, Cocotte isn’t the biggest restaurant but the atmosphere is light and pleasant. I’ve been in restaurants before that do not make the best of their space and end up shoving diners within an inch of each other’s armpits in an unbearably dark room. We had as much space as we need to comfortably chat without the people next to us hearing the story of me giving myself concussion in a leopard-print catsuit.

Cocotte Notting Hill

(The only picture I managed to take)

I’m always seeing memes fly around like pretending to read the menu when you know exactly what you are going to have, and that describes me so accurately it is painful. Browsing on the menu online a couple of days before, I seriously set my heart on gravy. So, even though everyone I was with had the croquet monsieur, I bucked the trend and had chicken and vegetable and mashed potatoes. I know what you are probably thinking. Is this girl writing me a review about her chicken and vegetables? Well, the answer is yes, I am, because they were both amazing. Winter, for me, will always be a season I crave great, traditional home-cooked food like this. The addition of gravy to a meal is a must for me in colder months. It’s quite easy to tell that only the finest ingredients are used in each dish at Cocotte, and that fact is what makes every dish special. Even the simple ones.

I’d highly recommend Cocotte if you are looking for some hearty food to see you through the colder months.

Food: 10/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Price: ££

*I visited Cocotte as a paying customer. They are not affiliated with this review in any way, nor have they paid for this coverage.

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