Christmas at the King William Chigwell

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Boxing Day Dinner at the King William Chigwell

On Christmas Day, my Mum and I volunteer at the Salvation Army Christmas dinner. Due to this, we always go out for a nice dinner on Boxing Day. Mum booked the King William in Chigwell this year as she knows it is one of my favourite places to eat in the whole world. This year, it was a good job she did, as I spent Christmas Day laying on the living room floor with my quilt too ill to lift my head up let alone eat dinner.

By Boxing Day I was feeling a bit better. Although I said I wasn’t going to write a blog on Boxing Day because I have already written a couple, the food was just too good not to mention. We had three courses and had already chosen what we were going to have before we went, so that saved a lot of faff.

One of the reasons I was so excited to be coming here for Boxing Day was because I’d previously been here for a roast and it was amazing. I learned how to cook roast potatoes from Delia Smith (Get on this: Delia’s Complete How To Cook: Both a guide for beginners and a tried & tested recipe collection for life. So you could say, as I learned from an expert, I obviously don’t NEED to look elsewhere for a crispy roast potato. But the King William Chigwell impressed me. From the moment I walked in the first time, I was enamoured by that little bit of “Pzazz” this TOWIE certified venue brings. You might think this means I’m easily impressed, but trust me impressing me is probably about as easy as impressing Kim Jong-Un. The main course to come was the standard turkey Christmas dinner – basically a roast. I remember the first time I did a review here. I had the pork belly and it was nothing short of wonderful (so much so that I even refuse to eat it elsewhere, which proved to be a terrible decision while I was reviewing the George and Dragon down the road in Epping)

King William Chigwell

I returned from the toilet and my food had arrived. Really is there any better situation? You know, aside from winning the lottery or both eyebrows going right. Pleased to report that much like the roasts at the King William, the Christmas dinner is beautiful. It may sound like a random part of the dinner to be a favourite, but the veg was nice and soft and seasoned to perfection. I was also pleased that the turkey wasn’t dry. I must admit I wouldn’t choose turkey any other time of the year, I just feel an obligation at Christmas. There isn’t anything worse than dry turkey on a Christmas dinner. I’m sure you’ve experienced it in the past. Sitting at your Nan’s with a hangover chewing each piece of turkey 30 times trying not to be sick at the table. Gruesome. When it came to the desert I threw caution to the wind. I’m currently being tested for all sorts of stomach problems and really shouldn’t have anything dairy but I thought “sod it, it’s Christmas”. Christmas pudding is a similar situation to turkey. I wouldn’t say I was a lover of it – but you kind of just choose it because it’s the festive season. 

King William Chigwell

The Christmas pudding at the King William was beautiful, if not a little bit too alcoholic for teetotal people like me. The thing is with Christmas dinners out, is that wherever you choose is going to hike their prices up. Even the Harvester charge £50 on Christmas day. So if you are going to pay a lot of money, you may as well treat yourself and go somewhere like the King William. One of the main draws of the place for me is that the food is good and it’s just a nice venue with friendly staff that I always look forward to spending a couple of hours in. 

*We visited the King William as paying customers and they are not affiliated in any way with this review. 





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