Charlie Sims quits TOWIE, dumps Ferne and disowns Chloe

What a day for Charlie Sims, the now former TOWIE cast member. After taking a break last year to concentrate on his Deli in Brentwood, this series has seen noticeably less of Charlie amid rumors he simply isn’t comfortable showing his personal life on a TV show anymore.

Instead of a case of ‘each to his own’ with Charlie getting on with it Ferne McCann staying on the show, he has dramatically dumped her claming she ‘chose the show over him’ In a Twitter tirade which claims not only she, but his half sister Chloe Sims ‘chose the show’, he publicly disowned both of them for their involvement, but wished them ‘all the best’.

He also tweeted about quitting TOWIE and wished the rest of the cast the best for the future.

Charlie, who owns a Deli on Brentwood high street has been seen less and less on the show, and has shown obvious discomfort in recent episodes discussing his ongoing feud with sister Chloe, who he shares a Dad with.

Chloe and him stopped speaking amid claims he did not stick up for her during her bitter break up with Elliot. Ironically Elliot and Chloe are now firm friends.


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