Gatwick Clubrooms Lounge Review

*I visited the Clubrooms lounge as a paying customer, but there are affiliate links in this post. You can receive a discount on your airport lounge booking by using this affiliate link.   Because I’m scared of flying, I used to book airport lounges for unlimited alcohol. Basically, the idea was to get smashed before I got on the plane […]

Blue Rock Beach Resort Review

*I visited Blue Rock Beach Resort as a paying customer   As I’ve mentioned on my social media, I have family in the Philippines so I visit fairly often. It doesn’t escape me how incredibly lucky I am to have somewhere to stay in this beautiful country, and I get to experience what day to day life is like there […]

Everything you Need to Know About the Philippines

If it wasn’t for my Aunty being Filipino, I would ever have visited the place that has become my favourite place in the world. I’m always grateful that I have the opportunity to come here so much to see my family. But the Philippines is a wonderful place to visit so even if you do not have family here, visiting […]

Three Days In Iceland

Is Iceland worth the money? I’m going to start this article with an admission that is going to make me sound incredibly uncool. I LOVE the Eurovision song contest. I’ve watched it my whole life and it is very rare I will miss it unless I’m working abroad. So, what has that got to do with Iceland? Well ever since […]

Why Essex ‘ProseccoFest’ was a HUGE Rip Off

Having made my peace with the fact that I do not drink alcohol, and my friends do, I was under no illusions that going to a prosecco festival for my friends 30th birthday would grant me the same experience as everyone in the group who was drinking would have. That being said I am absolutely shocked that the event itself […]

A Trip To Greece For Under £400

Recently I took a trip to Greece to see some friends. As someone who has travelled to many of the Greek islands – I often forget just how good the mainland is. Once I had tallied up how much I had spent over my long weekend, I realised there were a few things I could have done a lot cheaper […]

Holi Fest 2017

(Excuse the incredibly blurry photo) I am one of those people that can have fun anywhere. You could honestly put me alone on a desert island alone and I’d probably still get up to some mischief and have some fun. So when my friend asked me to go to Holi Festival for her birthday there was no way on this […]

Tips for Travelling When You Are Scared Of Flying

As someone who is basically petrified of flying, it surprises me that I haven’t wrote a blog post about this sooner. Not that I will ever let it stop me going anywhere. Fortunately I’ve still managed to calm my tits enough to travel to many places in Europe as well as the Philippines and Thailand. One thing I’ve learned in […]

Coral King, Coral Bay, Paphos

  It’s not unusual for me to work on holiday – unfortunately I get fidgety in every way. What is unusual though, is for me to find a place so fabulous, I want to write about it separately from my standard travel blog. The Coral King restaurant has proved to be the exception. As you would expect from a holiday […]

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